Monday, August 15, 2011

The Reason I Detest the Left [Mark Levin]

Mark Levin:

Obama and the Democrats are trying to turn us against each other. They are trying to create hate. And at some point they're going to unleash mayhem. I truly believe this. They're playing with political fire; playing with societal fire. They're also creating the conditions of societal anxiety. People are worried about their own security, the stability of their lives, whether it's jobs, housing, transportation.

This is what happens when you devolve from liberty into tyranny. And what's clear to me now is that, based upon what the liberals are saying, what they've said over the last week, whether it's on the cable shows or in the liberal press, they're setting up the Tea Party, Fox News and talk radio for that which they are fomenting.

We have the Tea Party being called terrorists by a Congressman and the Vice President... other language being spewed about the Tea Party, so they really want to create hatred, negative images, strawmen. But the Tea Party is nothing more than the American people. That's what the Tea Party is.

Look at what happened in Wisconsin. The citizens of Wisconsin, in the various state elections, they beat back the forces of big government and their allies. We're not the minority!

We are the majority. But these people have been given things, taken from you and given to them, such that they believe they have a greater right to your private property -- your income, your labor -- than you do!

And they're not going to allow you to escape from this enslavement, from their perspective. I want you to think about this:

When Obama talks about "...this group deserves this...", he is saying that the government has the power to take your labor from you -- your work, your income, from you and your family -- that you have legitimately earned. And they take that from you for whatever reason he says... food-stamps, unemployment, medical care, highway construction, more federal bureaucracts... they have the right to take your labor, which is finite.

You only live so long. What you earn, taken from you and your family, and given to someone else for some other cause. And if you say no, they are arguing that the person they want to give it to -- who has not earned it -- and the cause they want to support... is a greater priority than you!

If you start looking at things this way, this is your labor, your work. You get up in the morning, put in a long day, go home in the evening -- maybe you have two jobs -- Obama is saying that your labor belongs to the government to give to somebody else! The government tells you what you get to keep!

Say your tax rate is 30%. That means 30% of the time you spend working for the government. You're not working for your family or yourself. And if Obama and the Democrats tax you the way that they want to, some states like New York and California, when you add in all of the various taxes, a typical person will be working over 60% of the time for the government!

So if you put in a 10-hour day, six hours of your day is going to the government to benefit someone else -- so they can buy their votes. So they can create these hostilities against you -- the taxpayers! Who make this system work!

We deserve thank you letters! Do we get thank you letters from the government? From any welfare recipient? From anyone? No! We're hated! "Oh, the Tea Party--we hate them!"

Why? Because we want to spend a smaller percentage of our lives working for somebody else -- as opposed to working for our own family? You know, there was a time in this country when that was considered the right thing! Self-sufficiency, independence, family.

How many cases are there where families are really on the edge? Where if they didn't have to pay those high taxes, they'd have a little bit more money to buy higher quality food, a better car, a better education, maybe a vacation... everybody talks about Obama having a right to take a vacation... well, does everybody else who actually works for a living have a right to take a vacation?

Maybe if you could keep a little bit more of your money, you could take a vacation? It is stunning what we accept in this nation. It happens gradually, but it happens. We have a new tax in place: 3.8%. So if you sell your house and you still have equity -- if you're lucky enough to have muscled throug this market, a market which blew up thanks to the Community Reinvestment Act, another government policy -- you've made a little profit, maybe you want to live off it, pass it on to your children, well, that's going to be taxed at 3.8% now.

Why? Obamacare! Obama said, "I'm not raising taxes on the middle class." Well, we're talking about the middle class! Your presciption drugs, they're very expensive, right? They're taxed! Medical devices, wheelchairs, whatever... taxed! More taxes, new taxes!

Now here's the grift: they're going to spend as much as they want. They're going to keep borrowing money, spending money. Taxes can't keep up with their spending, they never can and they never will! So it's almost gratuitous... the government wants to control a certain percentage of your life, your working life. You have got to look at taxes that way. A 30% tax rate is 30% of your work effort!

When you add in your property taxes, local income taxes, excise taxes, state income taxes, gas taxes, and when you add in the federal income taxes, you have no idea what percentage of your life, your labor, you are delivering to bureaucrats in government! And, of course, they never have enough! They always want more! I'm not talking about millionaires and billionaires! I'm talking about you! I'm talking about you.

The reason I detest the Left so much, and believe me I detest the Left, is because they believe they have a moral claim on you! Literally, you! They believe they have a moral claim on your physical and intellectual labor! They have a moral claim -- they believe, they insist -- on a part of your work day!

And when they say you have to pay your "fair share", they're saying you have to work longer and harder for the government. There is no fair share! They don't have a claim on your life! They don't have a claim on your intellectual and physical labor!

No! They have to operate within the Constitution. We fund them within the Constitution, under our rule of law, no more and no less. Anything more is illegitimate. It's a liberty issue, ladies and gentlemen. Your liberty! Don't allow the way you think to be controlled and dictated by the Left, their language and their propaganda.

When they say "tax increases" or they use regulations to control you, to increase your expenses or limit your lifestyle, that is you that they are taking from. Your life. Your liberty.

Hat tips: Transcribed by Biff Spackle from the Mark Levin Show, 8/11/2011.


Anonymous said...

How many Americans can afford to drive around in a black bus like that and get 3 to 4 mpg? And that engine, is it compliant? I thought not.

Reliapundit said...

having grown up in ny and in the left, is still have many leftist friends.

i find this is the most effective way to get them to think about why tax and spend is a fundamentally bad thing; i ask them:

why do you want to send more money to DC so career politicians and lobbyists can spend it on the things they want?

most agree.

one old liberal i know just sent out an email demanding a constitutional amendment to take away the health plans and pensions of congressmen.

people are really fed up with congress.

and this of course is a good thing for all of us who favor limited government.

we should be appealing to libs on this level

we can win them over.

another thing i ask sometimes of libs is this:

do you want president bachmann and majority leader demint and speaker west to have more of YOUR money!?

they begin to understand that big government is not their friend.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Now your talking Mr. Levin!
A most righteous expose, called the Truth.
These words of truth and facts speak for me.
I couldn't agree more if my life depended on it. Come to think of it, it does, so does my Liberty, and taking it further, my life and my Liberty are inseparable.
Patrick Henry was right, he has always been right; "give me Liberty or give me death"

Anonymous said...

What do they call it when one group uses fear to accomplish their goals?

What do they call it when someone uses threats of violence to push a political agenda?

Anonymous said...

What do they call it when one group uses fear to accomplish their goals?

What do they call it when someone uses threats of violence to push a political agenda?

Anonymous said...

The news media in our country today have totally sold their souls to an ancient lie not realizing they would be the first to be killed, slaughtered, by their leaders when that time arrives. The fourth estate of our government is for protection of the peoples freedom (News Media) are now a fifth column emeny within our on gates.