Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Only Chart You Need To Whip Out When Liberal Kooks Claim the Deficit Was Caused by the Bush Tax Cuts

The federal deficit problem was caused by the Bush Tax Cuts? Really, drones?

The Bush Tax Cuts ("Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003") were signed into law on May 28, 2003, just months before the start of the 2004 fiscal year.

The results -- in terms of real revenue to the U.S. government -- were stunning.

According to the OMB's own figures, the Bush tax cuts resulted in an explosion of revenue to the U.S. government.

That's not to say Bush wasn't a profligate spender -- he was. But in virtually no cases were Democrats arguing that he spend less (unless you count national security).

In fact, fiscal conservatives opposed Bush's absurd policies on spending, amnesty and the expansion of Medicare.

But no one in world history has ever spent money like Barack Obama.

These statements are indisputable.

Which is why they are certain to be rejected by the diminishing cadre of Obama-Democrat drones, who appear to be completely immune to facts, logic and reason.

Hat tip: Caller Steve from Los Angeles on the Mark Levin Show, 7/18/2011.


Anonymous said...

LOL @ your ridiculous and brazen lies

Pazuzu said...

I really liked the part where your whole article is bullshit.

Veeshir said...

I guess you can't argue with that, they have you in the crushing grip of their reasoned replies.

I do wonder if they were banging their sippy cups on the high chair or the floor when they posted.

Anonymous said...

You've presented your chart without correct context.

Bush's tax receipts came in on a buyant economy powered by the huge personal debt taken on by the American public.

Obama inherited an economy flatlining. His expenditure is a fiscal stimulus to get the economy kick started again.

The way you've presented this data suggests that you're deliberatly misleading your audience - thereby destroying your credibility. Its a pity because there is a very strong argument to be made regarding the impact of an expanded public sector and welfare state on America's long term competitiveness.

FoolsBelieveArticlesLikeThis said...

Also, your graph neglects mentioning that much of the 2009-2011 budget is spent on the wars begun under Bush that we have not yet been able to withdraw from. Withdrawal would allow the terrorists to attack the U.S. on U.S. soil as so widely feared by the Republicans. They believe it much wiser to keep military spending high, keep our presences in the middle east, and keep our uniformed youth in harm's way than risk the money they have in their investments.

Anonymous said...

The huge deficit was caused by the tax cuts, the continued tax cuts, and the wars. Even Republicans with some education should be able to understand this. No taxes, no income. Let's face it, can you pay your bills if you don't get paid?

lagibby said...

How about these?
Graph of the Day
Two Nauseating charts

DavidD said...

So does FoolsBelieveArticlesLikeThis actually want terrorists to attack the U.S. on U.S. soil again?

What the graph neglects to mention is that the last of the "Bush years" was actually with a Democrat-controlled Congress doing the spending; otherwise, the spending was already trending the other way.

"It's the spending, stupid."

Oh, and if BHO would get his boot off the throat of American business, revenues could start increasing, too, without any new taxes.

Anonymous said...


Quick question to repulicans, what's it feel like to be brainwashed? Does it tingle or hurt at all?

Pazuzu said...

Actually, Veeshir, I was banging you on the floor. It was very romantic though, I assure you.