Sunday, August 14, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: How Reagan Would Campaign Against Obama

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How Reagan Would Campaign Against Obama: RedCty
Rick Perry's Announcement Speech: Ace
Pawlenty Drops Out of Presidential Race: USA Today

Bachmann Wins Ames Straw Poll – Breaking It All Down: RWN
Blaming the System: NRO
Palin Is Not Going to Run: RS

The Constitution Is Meaningless: RWN
The Game-Changer From Texas: IBD
Allen West Drops the Hammer on Ron Paul: Shark


Another judge rebukes job-killing rogue Interior Department: Malkin
'Rogue Agency' NLRB Won't Comply With Subpoena: Nice Deb
The Mark of a Tired Nation: RCP

Obama and the Perry Miracle: AT
CWA Stages Mock Funeral Outside Verizon Exec's Home: RS
NYPD forced to divert anti-terror forces to deal with union goons: WZ


Fast and Furious Traced to the White House: Moonbattery
ATF's gun surveillance program showed early signs of failure: LAT
End the delays of Fast and Furious inquiry: My San Antonio

Climate & Energy

The Wind-Energy Myth: NRO
Rick Perry Calls Global Warming A “Phony Mess”: WZ
In Weekly Address Obama Praises Plant Where Failed Stimulus Created ‘Green’ Jobs at $2MM Per Job: GWP


Van Jones and MoveOn.Org team up to brainwash children: Wizbang
Flashback: When They Were in College: WZ
Cartoon o' the Day: Surber

More "Rick Perry, Unhinged!": Ace
Good Grief. Obama Compares Himself to Lincoln, Reagan, FDR and Now Martin Luther King Jr.: GWP
Gov. Rick Perry: America Needs New Leadership (Full Text of Announcement Speech): Tatler

Blogging After America, Day Three: Ace
The Middle-Earth Guide to Campaign 2012: PJM
Our Long National Nightmare Is Over: Obama Makes It Back To The Golf Course After Seven-Week Lull: WZ


US State Dept. Reaction to China’s First Aircraft Carrier: Um, What Do They Need That For?: Malkin
Obama “Hope” Poster Artist Beaten by Fellow Radical Leftists in Denmark: WZ
Spanish Farmers Threaten to Block Border with France; Global Trade Wars Yet Another Sign of Deflation: Mish

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Discontents: Totten
What Does Obama Believe? Norman Podhoretz Gets it Right: PJM
Spencer defeats Imam in debate on whether Islam guarantees equality of rights for women: JihadWatch


Stanford says it has the fastest solar car ever (photos): CNet
The 5 Worst Pieces Of Advice Apple Ever Got: Insider
High Frequency Trading Update: ZH


World War II: The American Home Front in Color: Atlantic
What Really Started the Riots in England: Ace
Man Finds Camera Hidden In Starbucks Bathroom, Doesn't Even Get A Free Coffee For It: Consumerist

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QOTD: "The Nazi war machine couldn't break the British, but the modern welfare state has." --Ann Coulter

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