Saturday, March 08, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Ted Cruz calls for abolition of the IRS

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Ted Cruz calls for abolition of the IRS: Outcast
Three cheers for Darrell Issa: Herman Cain
Profs to Congress: Stop Allowing Obama's Abuses of Power: CI

Oops, despite all the Obamacare hoopla the uninsured remain uninsured: WyBlog
Valerie Jarrett Office Promotes ObamaCare to Muslims: Daniel Greenfield
Trailing in several polls, #MISen Dem shakes up his campaign: David Freddoso

Petrie Dish of Liberty: Christian Mercenary
Connecticut’s Gun Ban Is Worse Than Hitler’s Gun Ban: DC Clothesline
From a Reader: Western Rifles


The Job Market’s February Crumble: Tom Blumer
Another Mediocre Jobs Report: Keith Koffler
Employment: +175k: Karl Denninger

Not Paying Union Dues, in Michigan: NRO
Another vacation for Obama, this time in midst of Ukraine crisis: TR
More Racebaiting from the AFL-CIO: Marathon

Scandal Central

Obama IRS Hires Al-Qaida Spy: IBD
Did IRS just snub Issa?: Gretawire
Henry Waxman Threatened to Physically Remove Darrell Issa From Hearing: MagNote

Phyllis Schlafly: Republicans are ‘fools’ to back ‘any kind of amnesty’: DC
Understanding Why ‘Who George Zimmerman Is” Was Irrelevant To The Objective: Treehouse
IRS caves on Lois Lerner documents, will provide Congress with ALL of her emails: Daily Mail

Climate & Energy

EPA chief says new U.S. energy rules won't hobble business: Ernest Scheyder


Criminalizing Blogging About NSA Leaks?: VictoryGirls
The “best argument for abortion” was just completely demolished by Matt Walsh: YoungCons
What the F****?: IBA (NSFW)

Has WaPo Awakened from Its Obama Fantasy?: David Gerstman
MSNBC mocks Greg Abbott: ‘matchstick-thin legs dangling in front of him…’: Unyielding
White House: Obama Had a Busy Week: Keith Koffler

Watch: Russia Today Anchor Liz Wahl quits Live on Air: Politisite
Juan Williams: Treatment of Condi Rice by Rutgers a hateful liberal double standard: Hot Air
Mark Levin calls Alan Grayson “A Circus Clown”: Scoop


‘Obama’: Leader Of The Brie World: Camp o' the Saints
The Ukraine Folk Dance And What It Really Means: JoshuaPundit
Is George Soros a Communist Agent?: Trevor Loudon (2011)

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Google, Microsoft Challenge Service Providers: Mitch Wagner
Magazine System Designed to Freak Out the Gun-Grabbers: Kevin Lake
The 12 Most Amazing Machines at the Geneva Motor Show: Wired


Live! From Key Largo! Johnny Rocco! We’ll be here all weekend.: MOTUS
The Case to Impeach President Obama: Eagle Rising
That’s George Washington Lying Bleeding on the Battlefield...: Blaze

Image: Wing cracks lead to Dreamliner production delay
Sponsored by: Fire Mitch McConnell: Support Matt Bevin for U.S. Senate

QOTD: "Oh, Western freedom-loving “left-wing” thinkers! Oh, left-wing labourists! Oh, American, German and French progressive students! All of this is still not enough for you. The whole book has been useless for you. You will understand everything immediately, when you yourself — “hands behind the back” — toddle into our Archipelago." --Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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Anonymous said...

I see Americans united in their rage against tyrannical, gimme government.
Immigrants because they didn't want a teat. Blacks because their oppressors have doubled down on their poverty. Whites because they have been reduced to a small check box at the end of a form. Women because they don't need a Mack Daddy. Youth because they have been denied their inheritance. And every and all Americans because Barrack Hussein Obama has borrowed and spent enough money to walk to Mars. Every Republican has been drinking Washington's Kool-Aid. Every Democrat has forsaken God's mercy because they have fashioned vanity and wind into Law.
Read Psalm 107, it lists 5 kinds of people and the reason for their trouble. Politicians are afraid of the "third rail" but Americans need to lead the way and call for help. We were quiet and got what they imposed on us. Quiet no longer: Rage! Resist!