Saturday, April 26, 2014

ASKED AND ANSWERED: Ezra Klein wonders 'What’s the liberal equivalent of Climate Denial?'

RedState recently spotlighted an excerpt of Ben Domenech's The Transom, which featured a stunning smackdown of the 2013 World's Dumbest Blogger, Ezra Klein.

Ezra smarmily sneers “What’s the liberal equivalent of Climate Denial?” Domenech replies with the most perfect answer in the history of answers. “I assume by ‘climate denial’ Klein means an example where the bulk of real-world data, history, and experience indicate one thing, and liberals either deny its accuracy or say we ought to ignore it in order to pursue some higher aim via the policies they support. Perhaps one or two things may come to mind,” he says.

Caleb Howe was kind enough to render an answer.

"I believe the word you are looking for", Howe notes, "is BOOM."


Anonymous said...

I believe it's the BOOM inda ROOM.

Wow, destroyed him

Soylent Sage said...

The problem with this exercise is the premise assumes that "climate denial" is the erroneous position, and that AGW is a fact.

Martin said...

The "big one:"

Liberal policies have never harmed a soul, and if by accident some were harmed, we meant well, but it's Republicans' fault because they're obstructionists.