Friday, April 25, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Boehner Mocks Fellow Members of House Over Failure to Pass Amnesty

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Boehner Mocks Fellow Republicans Over Failure to Pass Amnesty: Irascible
Harry Reid's Long, Steady Accretion of Power & Wealth: Adam O'Neal
Obamacare Slashes Home Health Care Services For the Elderly: AmJrnl

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D, New Hampshire) is afraid that she’ll lose: Moe Lane
Why Is Andrew Cuomo So Afraid to Debate Rick Perry?: JWF
Welp: Cover Oregon has died: Moe Lane

Obama's Dirty Watchdogs: Michelle Malkin
Obama is Bursting the Left's Bubbles: J.R. Dunn
Cruz, heading to NH, talks 2014, 2016, the ‘direction of America’: John DiStaso

Scalia: Sotomayor's 'doubly shameful' suggestion that voters are racist: Exam
Florida House Demands “Convention of the States” to Stop Obama: ConTrib
Kansas Gov. Brownback Signs Bill Nullifying All City, County Gun Laws: Daley


California phone kill-switch bill fails vote in state senate: Martyn Williams
Obama’s Income Inequality Scam: David Limbaugh
Boehner mocks GOP colleagues on immigration reform: Cincinnati

Scandal Central

Darrell Issa seeks answers about Justice Department's role in IRS targeting: Exam
Transparency: DHS Watchdog Altered Reports As He Sought Top Job With Obama Administration: JWF
DOJ Pardon Atty. Quits as Obama Plans to Free Thousands of Drug Convicts: JW

The VA has a secret death list, wanna bet Obamacare has one too?: WyBlog
#WarOnWomen: Major Obama, DNC Donor Brutally Assaults Girlfriend, Gets Probation: JWF
Feds Beg Supreme Court to Let Them Search Phones Without a Warrant: Wired

Climate & Energy

Rolling Stone: Obama Has Already Decided to Reject Keystone Pipeline: TR
Unions Criticize Obama’s Delay of Keystone XL Pipeline: Deneen Borelli
Excuse #11: Surface Heat Doesn’t Matter: Cove


What I learned today, redux: Protein Wisdom
‘Who the F Are U?’: R.S. McCain
Army Veteran gets huge applause after blasting New Jersey Democrats at gun control hearing: Scoop

A Beginner’s Guide to Liberals: Clay Carpenter
53% Think Neither Political Party Represents the American People: Rasmussen
Gallup: Illinois tops the list of states whose residents think they live in the worst state possible: David Freddoso

Bundy’s Non-Racist, Pro-Black, Pro-Mexican, Anti-Government Remarks: Pat Dollard
Cliven Bundy Responds To Charges Of Racism: ‘The Statement Was Right’: Scoop
Most Laughable Attempt at Skewing the Facts of the Day: Colossus


Russian Democracy-Mobiles Being Unloaded At Port In Venezuela: WZ
Benghazi cover-up: Al-Qaida’s Libyan comeback raises questions: Allen West
How North Korea Turned Kim Jong Un’s Baby Photos Into Propaganda: Elias Groll

There’s no Plan B for Obama’s foreign policy: Jonah Goldberg
An Israeli Soldier to American Jews: Wake up!: Times of Israel
A fatal wait: Veterans languish and die on a VA hospital's secret list: CNN

Anti-Semitic Mock Eviction Notices Come to NYU: TR
France: LePen advocates stripping Islamists of French citizenship and deporting them: Daily Smug
Muslim Heritage: Freedom Is Just Another Word

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Report: Some Retail Firms Still Don't Recognize Cyber Security Risks: Dark Reading
Women With Wide Hips More Sexually Active Due To Confidence Bestowed By Evolution: MedDaily
94 pages of leaked docs show how the FBI used Sabu to get #Anonymous to attack sites: Cryptome


BREAKING: Hundreds Feared Dead In Coors Light Party Train Crash: The Onion
No Childs’ Fat Behind, and No Salad Overdressed: MOTUS
Japanese MP Calims Obama Cheats on Michelle and their looming divorce is 'an open secret': Daily Mail

Image: How North Korea Turned Kim Jong Un’s Baby Photos Into Propaganda
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Video: John Boehner Suffers from "Electile Dysfunction"

QOTD: "House Speaker John Boehner theatrically mocked his fellow Republican Congressmen for being afraid to reform immigration policy when he spoke Thursday before the Middletown Rotary Club in his home district.

"Here's the attitude. Ohhhh. Don't make me do this. Ohhhh. This is too hard," Boehner whined before a luncheon crowd at Brown's Run County Club in Madison Township.

"We get elected to make choices. We get elected to solve problems and it's remarkable to me how many of my colleagues just don't want to ... They'll take the path of least resistance."

Boehner said he's been working for 16 or 17 months trying to push Congress to deal with immigration reform... The GOP-controlled House has refused to pass the immigration proposal passed by the Democrat-led Senate that includes a path to citizenship for millions of people living illegally in the United States. Critics characterize it as amnesty. Boehner is advocating for a step-by-step process..." --Sheila McLaughlin

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