Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The American Axis of Despotism

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The American Axis of Despotism: Camp o' the Saints
The ‘We Do What We Want, Bleep You’ Administration: Tom Blumer
Race War to Victory!: Erick Erickson

Obama sends strongest signal yet he expects to lose Senate: Bryan Preston
RINO Choice, Jeb Bush, on Board of Pro-Obamacare Company: Marooned
Feds Threaten to Steal Texas Land… Texas Responds: ConTrib

Sharia in America: Democrats, Muslims seek to criminalize free speech : Geller
Attkisson reveals how Media Matters conspires with mainstream media: LI
NBC could've saved the money and asked Michelle Malkin: Michelle Malkin


Supreme Court Upholds Michigan's Affirmative Action Ban: WSJ
You are Safe Now: Real Revo
Chicago School System Promoting Food Stamps: LoneCon

Wash. State threatens to send Obamacare costs through the roof: Moe Lane
Wage Discrimination: Walter Williams
8 Million Guinea Pigs: Dick Morris

Scandal Central

Obamacare strips Stage-4 Cancer patient of coverage AND doctors: Poor Richard
‘Pardon power’: Obama and Holder at it again!: BPR
Well, this seems fair: IRS workers who didn't pay taxes got bonuses: USA Today

Climate & Energy

EPA chief's Earth Week: crop-dusting CO2 in desperate effort to save us from global warming: Michelle Malkin
Exploit the Earth or Die!: ObjStd
U.S. CO2 Emissions at Lowest Level in 20 Years, Thanks to Fracking: CNS


The Systematic Errors In Thomas Piketty's New Book: Diana Furchtgott-Roth
Al Jazeera America lays off dozens, disbands sports as advertisers flee: Creeping

When Your Enemy Is in the Process of Destroying Himself, Stay Out of His Way: Popehat
Confirmed: Obama the most divisive president in U.S. history: ConTrib
Hillary White Power Clinton: Oliver Willis (2008)

Hillary Clinton Will Be Old by 2016: Erick Erickson
AWESOME MUST SEE “War on Women” ad from a Republican in Michigan: Scoop
Bill Moyers, Paul Krugman Use Dumbass Piketty to Attack America's 'Ugliness' & 'Racism': AmPower


WaPo: Obama ‘Dithers,’ Ignores His Own Warnings, May Doom Ukraine: Noah Rothman
Russia Baits US with Nuclear Armed Jets: Trevor Loudon
Was 2013 sniper attack on CA power grid preparation for an act of war?: Allen West

While Defunding U.S. Military, Obama Budget Proposes Massive Buildup of U.N. Military: NewAm
Michigan: Muslim women wear gloves to avoid shaking hands with infidel men: Creeping
Not News: Islamic “Morality Squads” Confiscate Easter Eggs From Students. News: In The UK: WZ

Switching Sides in the War on Terror: Geller
State Department clears Egypt to receive some military aid, including helicopters: Fox
Surprise: Obama administration horrible at tranparency of WMD proliferation: NTI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Developers: Heartbleed-Affected OpenSSL Code Is Beyond Repair: Gizmodo
The OnePlus One smartphone is a denim-clad $299 Cyanogen monster: Verge
Watch Where 26 Asteroids Recently Slammed Into Earth: Gizmodo


Laudable Racism: Fred on Everything
Spring Spheres 2014: That’s How We Roll!!!: MOTUS

Image: 1920 construction of Lincoln Memorial
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Video: Does John Boehner Suffer from "Electile Dysfunction"?

QOTD: "No aspect of this administration’s performance exemplifies its “bleep you” approach more than Obamacare.

Even in 2008, Team Obama instinctively knew that the American people would never accept the kind of state-dictated healthcare regime it wished to impose. Thus, the collection of guarantees they knew would not and could not be honored were born: “If you like your healthcare plan, doctor, medical provider, and prescription drug regimen, you can keep them, period.” False, false, false, and false — and delivered unilaterally with deductibles and out-of-pocket costs which would cause many workers in the public sector and at large private firms to begin planning their exit strategies. Too bad, so sad, suckers." --Tom Blumer


Anonymous said...

Been stiffed by your Doctor recently? Does your "condition" matter to no one but you? Suffering and blood are crying out for vengeance against the inept, vacationing Barack Obama, his mooslim ring, and band of evil brothers.
Why has he hired one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Washington? Why is he doubling down on control and intimidation? Because he knows his day is coming, he is going down, his Presidency is a farce, and the Americans that surround him will prevail. If I were him I'd be negotiating my departure, and the people said, 'take your baggage with you.'

Bob Belvedere said...

Thank you very much for the link.

It means a lot when someone like yourself compliments you in such a way.

Anonymous said...

When Mooch told us Barack wanted us to be better she failed to mention that change included loss of work, unemployment, higher food and gas prices, higher premiums and sub-standard health care,... a long list from America's enemies.
God damn Obama, I hope the LoFo's have to boil their children for food.

Anonymous said...

Mike Kreidler, the Commissioner of Insurance in Washington State - the voice of the people - is as dirty as a prom queen who slept with fleas. Lots of talk, but the "voice of the people" has screwed us with higher premiums at every turn. He is one dude who honestly deserves a prison term at the end of his run. Lying pond scum, he's screwed me twice now, I've learned my lesson, but it cost me thousands of dollars.