Friday, April 25, 2014

Failed Speaker Boehner Squeals and Whines to Mock Fellow Republicans for Refusing to Pass Amnesty


Bryan Preston explains:

As anyone who had paid any attention at all knows, the GOP has faced off against Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and the dishonest shills in the mainstream media for years. They have been called “racists” for trying to uphold the rule of law. They have been called “terrorists” and “arsonists” for trying to get rid of Obamacare, an unpopular law that the Democrats foisted on the nation against the majority’s will. And as anyone who has paid any attention at all knows, Obama has proven to be entirely untrustworthy with the basic rule of law.

Boehner himself has questioned whether Obama can be trusted to obey the law. Why, then, is he mocking Republicans? Does he believe that mockery is the way to earn trust? If that’s what he thinks, then he is every inch the unifying leader that Barack Obama is.

What did Boehner think he was accomplishing by mocking Republicans who doubt that Obama will enforce any provision of any immigration reform that he does not like? What did Boehner think he was accomplishing by mocking his own party as it is fighting to take control of the Senate? What kind of an idiot thinks that mocking your allies is any kind of useful or effective leadership?

John Boehner is pitiful. The sooner House Republicans vote him out of the speakership, the better.

The video really is shocking for the level of disrespect Boehner has for his colleagues and his constituents.

Click here to help fire the failed Speaker of the House.

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