Monday, April 28, 2014

DISASTROUS ECONOMIC STATS RELEASED: Are Obama and Reid Still Going to Blame Bush for a Half Decade of Failure?

When even the pathetic loons at the Associated Press and Washington Post rip Obama and the Democrats for their disastrous economic policy prescriptions, you know things are bad. But more on that in a second.

Consider the latest delightful tidbits of fail:

BLS: In 20% of American Families, No One Works: "In 20 percent of American families in 2013, according to new data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), not one member of the family worked...

The BLS has been tracking data on employment in families since 1995. That year, the percent of families in which no one had a job was 18.8 percent. The percentage hit an all-time high of 20.2 percent in 2011. It held steady at 20 percent in in 2012 and 2013."

Men Who Work Full-Time Earn Less Than 40 Years Ago "The real median income of American men who work full-time, year-round peaked forty years ago in 1973, according to data published by the U.S. Census Bureau...

In 1973, median earnings for men who worked full-time, year-round were $51,670 in inflation-adjusted 2012 dollars. The median earnings of men who work full-time year-round have never been that high again."

And what are the Obama-Reid Democrats doing about this malaise?

As The Washington Post Editorial Board observes, that would be bupkis:
Mr. Obama’s budget is just the latest in a long line of plans... that fails to deliver what the country most needs. Sooner or later, change must come, and preferably before a crisis forces it on us.
Yo, nitwits: ever heard of Cloward-Piven? Crisis is what they want.

Oh, and Dave Espo from the Associated Press piles on:
Enter the [Obama] budget – and the contrast Democrats hope to set up with a Republican alternative. That would be far better, in their view, than an election that is a referendum on the slow recovery from the deepest recession in decades, Obama’s general stewardship across five years in office, the health care law and whatever else is contributing to the curdled national mood.
Curdled. I like that.

Obama and his agenda are both spoiled rotten.

Hat tips: BadBlue News and BB.


Unknown said...

Does anyone know what definition of 'family' the BLS is using? If the 'mom & dad' who are retired make up a 'family' then that stat is not so shocking...If the 20% is married parents with children under 21 then it is a horrible stat.

Anonymous said...

This confirms what I have been saying for years: the opportunities my father had to be successful simply did not exist for me, born in 1972. Being good at what you do, and having a solid work ethic used to be the recipe for financial stability. This is what my father taught me because that's how it was for him. While he sits back and gripes about the government hacking away at his retirement, I work myself to the bone with no hope of retirement.

At least the democrats assure me that it's all for the children ... not mine, of course.