Friday, April 25, 2014

INTERESTING: Watch Real-Time Urban Development Courtesy of Google Street View Time-Lapse

I've always had this hankering to see various intersections in big cities evolve over time.

Turns out, at least from a point in time, Google Street View can oblige.

The Washington Post's Emily Badget has some great examples. Here's one as a teaser (hint: use the splitter in the middle of the image to see the older and newer versions):

See all of them here.


Anonymous said...

Of course it's impressive. We, the American taxpayer, paid for it.

It'd be more interesting if these pics of glorious development in and around Washington, D.C. were to be compared to more typical streets across the nation during the same time period -- The Great Recession. But, then, government and cronyism are recession-proof, aren't they?

Joe Mudd said...

I count 18 people in the new photo, suppose that's enough sales to justify the building costs and rent?
All the while our economy grinds to a slow death. Thanks DEMOCRATS, I can hardly wait til the next election to see which party wins the FED RES credit card in 2016, things will really be different then, RIGHT?