Sunday, April 27, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Obama’s Illegal Alien Magnet Kills Another Child

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Obama’s Illegal Alien Magnet Kills Another Child: Brenda Walker
LaPierre: "‘Gun Rights Have Become a Metaphor for Something Larger": Ace
First 96 Doctors She Contacted Wouldn’t Accept Her Obamacare Policy: WZ

Amnesty-Bound Eric Cantor Won’t Debate Dave Brat: MagNote
Lindsey Graham Agrees to Debate GOP Primary Challengers: NewAm
Guns And Abortion: States Starting to Rebel Against Federal Control: Publius

Jeb’s Pathetic Entry into the 2016 Presidential Race: Rick Jensen
IOWA: Senate Conservatives Fund Endorses Republican Joni Ernst: WFB
Top 10 Ridiculous Quotes by Senator Mitch McConnell: Julie Borowski

Elizabeth Warren would crush Hillary, and they both know it: LI
Leading Democrats for 2016's Nomination Are Old As F**k: Ace
Biden Using Office To Burnish Cred Ahead Of Possible 2016 Run: RWN


Obama, pretending he hasn’t been President all this time: GayPatriot
North Carolina Dumps Common Core: Lady Liberty
Fruit of the Loom to close Jamestown plant, lay off all 600 workers: Kentucky

Scandal Central

Justice Department Considered Arresting Conservative Activists: ConTrib
We Need Common Sense Gun Control -Take Guns Away From Democrats: Sara Noble
Stix Vindicated! Academics, Magazine Confirm Big City Police Are “Disappearing” Crime: VDARE

Climate & Energy

One of the Biggest Fat Cats in America is the BLM: Victor Keith
Stuart Varney Rips The Fig Leaf Away From Socialists Masquerading As Environmentalists: Caleb Howe
Salon writer Paul Rosenberg on why “deniers” are winning: WUWT


The Forbidden Subject: Liberty's Torch
Immigration Reform Will Destroy My Dream: John Dunne
Liberal Loon Donald Sterling Caught on Tape Screaming Ugly Racist Epithets: AmPower

Setup: the Empire strikes back: Cold Fury
CNN analyst welches on bet after Andrew Branca wins “Stand-Your-Ground” Debate: LI
Has Thomas Piketty really found "the central contradiction of capitalism"?: Garett Jones

It’s 2014: Why Aren’t You Racist Yet?: R.S. McCain
Dana Loesch Confronts One of Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Partners: Blaze
The People Have Spoken (And They Are Wrong): WRSA


Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy Is Driving Us Towards War: Sara Noble
Pope Francis Declares Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII as Saints: WSJ
Obama on Human Rights: Malaysia’s ‘Got Some Work To Do, Just Like the United States: Scoop

"F*** the EU," Revisited: Ace
Western feminists miss the big picture, author says: Sarah Oakes
The Jewish Luger: Stolen by the Nazis: Winter Soldier

Racist Murderous Pedophile Muslim Cult is Back in California: Daniel Greenfield
The Churchill Bust: Mark Steyn
China releases Japanese wartime documents: state media: Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

White House “big data” study to reveal potential for discrimination: Ars Technica
Why the Sharing Economy Is About Desperation, Not Trust: Slashdot
How To Hack Hiring: TechCrunch


Shrinking #Diplomacy and Inflating #Egos: MOTUS
Firearms applications surge, swamp registration system: USA Today
Sexpo - #FitSex Is Now Trending on Instagram: Esquire

Image: Your Porn is Harder...
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QOTD: "Forget the current polling as between Hillary and Elizabeth Warren. It pits Hillary against someone who “isn’t running.”

For all my criticisms of Warren, and they are extensive, I am convinced that if she ran, she would crush Hillary, just as Obama did.

Warren, as did Obama, has a unique ability to demagogue the core Democratic narrative of victimhood in ways that would make Hillary blush. She is more cunning than Hillary, more popular with the base, would bring an excitement the contrived Ready-for-Hillary movement could only dream of. Democrats may be “ready” for Hillary, but they don’t really want her." --William A. Jacobson

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