Monday, April 28, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Cliven Bundy, the Dishonest Left, and the Welfare State

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Cliven Bundy, the Dishonest Left, and the Welfare State: Ari Armstrong
Wrong is the New Right: Daniel Greenfield
Unhealthy Trends in Nation Beg for Conservative Leadership: Star Parker

RINOs promise amnesty by August of this year: FAM
Amnesty: Boehner’s GOP Prefers To Die For Its Donors: VDARE
Oklahoma House seeks to impeach half of the state Supreme Court: Hot Air

TX Rancher Exposes Another Outrageous Land Grab, Needs Help: Scoop
More Vote Fraud Found in Florida: John Hawkins
States Respond to Islamic Sharia Law… By Banning It: ConTrib

Blogger crashes MAIG Presser, Durham Herald-Sun covers it: NC Gun
Head of Bloomberg's Moms Demand Action uses armed security?: John Lott
Woman murdered after attending anti-violence rally in Obama's old area: Marathon


Piketty’s new gilded age which isn’t: Hot Air
Progressives Plan Huge Illinois Tax Hikes: Mish
The UAW's new reality: Detroit News

Scandal Central

‘Mystery man’ requested IRS prosecute conservatives: Garth Kant
Louisiana GOP Files Ethics Complaint Against Harry Reid: WZ
TN sheriff's deputy fired: caught on camera choking an unresisting college student: Daily Mail

Police Chief: US Heading Towards ‘Police State: Susan Duclos
L.A. Police Captain: General Surveillance Just Like Street Lights: NRO
Blood of Patriots: Christian Mercenary

Climate & Energy

Ignorance And Cronyism Are The Only Settled Sciences: Derek Hunter
At least 17 dead after tornadoes cause devastation across central states: Daily Mail
Families Sue Frackers for $120 Million: Courthouse News


‘Where was all this’? ESPN analyst notices an inconsistency in Sterling reaction: Twitchy
‘It’s us against the world’: NRA introduces most intense ad yet: BPR
Will’s Take: Hillary ‘Not Formidable’: NRO

David Gregory Blames Tony Blair And George Bush For Islamic Jihad: WZ
‘YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT!’ See Obama’s latest ‘embarrassing’ selfie: Twitchy
Sarah Palin To Eric Holder In Awesome NRA Speech: ‘You Don’t Want To Go There Buddy’: Scoop

Media Matters founder David Brock: We appreciate Soros funding to pursue journalists: DC
In the End Neither Michelle O nor Batik Could Save the Ladies Home Journal: MOTUS
Dartmouth now bans white people from using the word 'fiesta': Thomas Lifson


Barack Obama’s administration inches toward calling Israel an apartheid state.: Moe Lane
It’s Come to This: State Dept. Nitwit Jen Psaki Now Tweeting Think Progress and Daily Kos Links: JWF
Former Russian PM Tells Washington to Hit Putin with Sanctions Where It Hurts: PJM

Putin’s Doomsday Plane circling near Finland for third day in a row: Aviationist
Russian Military Medics ordered Prepare to Serve inside Ukraine: John Galt
The Quest To Freeze "Putin's Billions": ZH

Obama: U.S. to impose new sanctions on Russia: LAT
Memphis Imam: Muslims Have Right To Kill Non-Muslims Because They Are Filth: WZ
US Plans Sanctions on Putin's Inner Circle, Russia's Third Largest Lender, and Gazprom: Mish

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Electronic Weapons: For Want Of A Satphone: StrategyPage
Microsoft discloses zero day in all versions of Internet Explorer: ZDNet
The Life-Saving Science Behind Sunscreen: Gizmodo


Vatican Canonizes Two Dead White Guys, Ignores Obama: Cube
Lee Harvey Oswald Quietly Added To CIA Memorial Wall: DuffelBlog
Retired Air Force MP, 84, kicks home invader's ass: Stripes

Image: Exclusive: Kerry Warns Israel Could Become ‘An Apartheid State’
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QOTD: "If there’s no two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict soon, Israel risks becoming “an apartheid state,” Secretary of State John Kerry told a room of influential world leaders in a closed-door meeting Friday.

Senior American officials have rarely, if ever, used the term "apartheid" in reference to Israel, and President Obama has previously rejected the idea that the word should apply to Jewish State. Kerry's use of the loaded term is already rankling Jewish leaders in America—and it could attract unwanted attention in Israel, as well.

It wasn't the only controversial comment on the Middle East that Kerry made during his remarks to the Trilateral Commission, a recording of which was obtained by The Daily Beast. Kerry also repeated his warning that a failure of Middle East peace talks could lead to a resumption of Palestinian violence against Israeli citizens." --Josh Rogin

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