Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The White House’s Calculated Lie On The Benghazi Fiasco

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The White House’s Calculated Lie On The Benghazi Fiasco: RS
Kerry Echoes His Boss: Andrew C. McCarthy
Administration Accused Of Slow Walking Congress On Benghazi: Eli Lake

The Ten Commandments Of Liberalism: John Hawkins
Paradox Of Liberalism: A twisted ideology: BuzzPo
Anti-Government Protester, On Camera, Threatens FIGHT TO THE DEATH: TR

A Passionate Amnesty Advocate: Rep Renee Ellmers (R-NC): John Bennett
FBI: Illinois Democrat Bragged About Molesting 6-Year-Old Girl: R.S. McCain
NJ Democrat on Tape: Fears Her Town May Become “F—ing N—–town”: JWF


U.S. Federal Regulatory Costs Are The World's 10th Largest Economy: IBD
Sebelius Proposes Medicaid Cuts in States That Expanded Medicaid: HayRide
Taxman auctions widow's home over $6 bill: Rick Moran

Minimum wage for 300 White House interns: $0.00 per hour: PJM
Teachers Union Boss Randi Weingarten: My Salary's Only $360K: MediaTrack
McWages for the McAmerica job recovery: My Budget 360

Scandal Central

Benghazi Emails Show Blaming Video Was Effort to Protect, Re-Elect Obama: Tatler
Benghazi Documents Point to White House Ordering Misleading Talking Points: JW
Sharyl Attkisson finds the ‘smoking gun’ in latest Benghazi document dump: Twitchy

Benghazi Documents Point to White House on Misleading Talking Points : FW
Senator: E-mails show how Benghazi story shaped: USA Today
Benghazi scandal tied to White House: WaPo

Climate & Energy

EPA Delayed Climate Change Regulation Until After Midterms: DC
EPA Vows To Go After Republicans Who Dare Question Agency’s Science: DC
EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy: ‘Pollution Is Holding Back Millions of African Americans’: GWP


The Right Believes We’re All ‘Just a Blogger’: Rusty Weiss
A Typical ObamaCare Nightmare: R.S. McCain
Krauthammer on Benghazi emails: We now have the smoking document: Scoop

Poll: Obama Approval at Lowest Ever: WS
“Morning Joe” – New Poll Indicates Barack Obama may be “Politically Toxic”: FreeLight
Washington Post Shocked — Shocked! — to Learn Failed President Is Unpopular: R.S. McCain

The Media Finally Notices The Decades-Long Drop In Violent Crime: Ace
FAIL: Violence Policy Center Is Caught Fabricating Anti-Gun Data. Again. Still.: Bob Owens
Juan Williams’s Wife Wishes She Had a Gun: MB


John Kerry’s Jewish best friends: Caroline Glick
Bipartisan outrage explodes on John Kerry for ‘apartheid’ comments; Ted Cruz calls for resignation: BPR
Say What? Top 10 Controversial Kerry Comments on Israel: Algemeiner

Kerry Blurts Out More Top Secret Info: U.S. Taped Moscow’s Calls to Its Ukraine Spies: Daily Beast
Video: Annoyed Obama pretty sick and tired of people calling his foreign policy weak: Hot Air
Thank You John Kerry! PLO Negotiator Blames Failure of Talks on "Apartheid Regime": Lid

Obama’s Transportation Secretary Defends Muslim Airline’s Ban On Israeli Jews: RWN
Mark Levin: "John Kerry Is An Anti-Semite": RCP
US judge: our digital search warrants apply ANYWHERE: Richard Chirgwin, The Register

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Avram Miller says Steve Jobs has one more Apple intro: Cringely
Windows Phone: Just as well Microsoft bought an Android maker, RIGHT?: Register
iWatch Reportedly Entering Production in Small Quantities Ahead of Fall 2014 Launch: MacRumors


Obama’s Top Secret Social Media Defense Plan Revealed!: Sooper Mexican
Papers, Please: American Digest
“America” Trailer Shows How Much Some Prominent Americans Hate The USA: Federalist Papers

Image: Chicago, Chicago, That Obama Toddlin' Town
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QOTD: "[We now] know that there had been a specific warning regarding the embassy in Cairo, Egypt the day before both it and the facility in Benghazi were assaulted. That warning destroys any notion that a YouTube movie motivated either attack, as Cairo preceded Benghazi, and the motivations for the attack in Cairo were clear. It was not about a movie. The terrorists who attacked the embassy in Cairo wanted to force the U.S. to release the blind sheikh who masterminded the 1993 World Trade Center attack. What did the terrorists who attacked Benghazi shortly thereafter want? Why did they attack that facility, and did they know that the U.S. ambassador was there? Where was Barack Obama while Ben Rhodes was directing a cover-up? Why was the military not allowed to respond?" --Bryan Preston

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