Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The Incoherent Idiocy of Jeb Bush, Illustrated

Please tell me if any of this is inspiring.

The hilarious thing about the videotaped interview with Bush is that, like, 50 people were in the audience.

Maybe that's because these schmucks in the GOP establishment treat the grassroots -- actual American citizens -- worse than illegal immigrant lawbreakers, drug dealers, human smugglers, and gang members.

But that's just a hunch.


Shayne said...

The idea that Jeb Bush is a legitimate candidate has to be liberal wishful thinking. I can not name one single person whom I know hat would even consider Mr. Bush for President.

As much as I love and respect his brother, two Bush's in office was/is enough. EVen if Jeb were conservative, I would have a hard time voting for him. Enough is enough and in no known universe could another Bush win the White House.

Anonymous said...

Jeb Bush will not be acceptable to conservatives - he is a rhino.

He obviously has a problem understanding that entering a country without the consent or permission to do so - is a crime. Not an act of love - how is this guy even considered to be a candidate.
Did his wife entered America without consent and, illegaly? Is this maybe the reason for him to come up with this drivel?
Stick a fork in him - he's done!

Francis W. Porretto said...

The great fallacy of the open-borders position lies naked before us. To those who claim "It's the people that matter," I reply: Borders matter because people matter. There must be a limit to any people's responsibilities. Our lack of an enforceable border has done away with that limit. It could prove to be the death of us.

Unknown said...

Anybody that thinks it's a good idea to bring that many people into our country is nuts. That must be you Jeb, Haul out your wallet and be the benevolent SOB you think you are, SHOW ME THE MONEY. !

qwikslvr22 said...

Back in the '60's I heard someone say that Mexico wanted their country back. That is exactly what's happening as I type.
Not a shot fired.....Q

Anonymous said...

jeb is part of the republican establishment scum who seek to destroy conservatives and middle class by governing against the American people