Friday, October 09, 2015

Clinton Emailed Identity Of Top CIA Asset Over Unsecure Server

By Masked Avenger

Last night, Yahoo News broke another big development in Hillary Clinton’s growing email scandal. According the below report, Hillary Clinton used her secret email server to “pass along the identity of one of the CIA’s top Libyan intelligence sources,” material the government considers “some of the most protected information in our intelligence community.”

This latest shoe to drop underscores the recklessness of Hillary Clinton’s decision to skirt transparency laws with her secret email server.

NOTE: Hillary Clinton used her private email account to pass along the identity of one of the CIA’s top Libyan intelligence sources, raising new questions about her handling of classified information...

...On March 18, 2011, Sidney Blumenthal — Clinton’s longtime friend and political adviser — sent the then secretary of state an email to her private account that contained apparently highly sensitive information he had received from Tyler Drumheller, a former top CIA official with whom Blumenthal at the time had a business relationship. “Tyler spoke to a colleague currently at CIA, who told him the agency had been dependent for intelligence from [redacted due to sources and methods],” the email states, according to Gowdy’s letter. The redacted information was “the name of a human source,” Gowdy wrote to his Democratic counterpart, Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, and was therefore “some of the most protected information in our intelligence community.”

And what did our genius Democrat frontrunner for President -- Bill's wife -- do with this highly sensitive information that, if disclosed, could get people killed?

...Secretary Clinton forwarded the email to a colleague — debunking her claim that she never sent any classified information from her private email address ... But the FBI, at the request of the inspectors general for the intelligence community and the State Department, is investigating the handling of classified information on the private server.

...“She is exposing the name of a guy who has a clandestine relationship with the CIA on her private, unprotected server,” said John Maguire, who served for years as one of the CIA’s top Mideast officers.

In addition, he noted, the email should trigger a “crimes report” by the CIA to the Justice Department seeking an investigation into who within the agency revealed the information to Drumheller.

If these people were treated like the rest of us peons, folks like Hillary Clinton would already be breaking rocks at Leavenworth.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


Anonymous said...

Scooter Libby is owed an apology and a large settlement. Valerie Plame and that husband of hers with head lice... not so much.

Anonymous said...

Then why isn't Killary under at least "House Arrest" (if no one has the gumption to throw her in the clink") pending federal indictment? I don't understand why this crook isn't behind bars. Oh, wait, that's right, there's a double standard when the political "elites" are involved. Crazy me . . .