Friday, October 09, 2015

In which I obliterate the Wall Street Journal's pathetic attempt to see Paul Ryan become Speaker of the House

Over at the GOP establishment's press release reprint service known as The Wall Street Journal, the panic over Kevin McCarthy's sudden withdrawal from the race for the Speaker's gavel is palpable.

Decrying a "toxic crack-up inside the Republican conference", the Journal says the real issues in Washington are the fault of the "Refuseniks" (the party's conservative base and its representatives, albeit a better epithet than "hobbits"). According to the WSJ rocket scientists, conservatives blame the GOPe "for all the country’s problems, not President Obama."

That kind of sheer unvarnished idiocy is not unexpected from the GOP, which now seeks to install Boehner Lite -- Paul Ryan -- as Speaker.

Let's put aside the reason McCarthy is rumored to have withdrawn ("perhaps McCarthy shouldn't have been schtupping Renee Ellmers on the side, the worst-kept secret in Washington").

No, the real problem -- as Leon H. Wolf reminds us -- is the GOP establishment itself:


Remember the losers like Charlie Crist, Thad Cochran, Lisa Murkowski, Arlen Specter, Dick Lugar, Dede Scozzafava and the rest of the GOPe turncoats who, rather than endorse the conservative that beat them fair and square, instead endorsed/became Democrats or used the most loathsome tactics imaginable (e.g., the Barbours' Goebbels-like racist mailers in Mississippi) to try and reverse the will of the voters?

Can the WJS offer me the name of a conservative candidate who has behaved as despicably as the names listed above? I think not.


Perhaps the Journal can tell me what the GOP establishment stands for.

It has no agenda, no focus, and no guiding principles. It grows government, even as the country's fiscal situation goes critical.

It surrenders to (or, increasingly, covertly allies with) Obama on the most insane deals imaginable, with Iran and Obamatrade (TPP) serving as archetypes.


It lies to the voters, over and over again, to get elected. It lies to members of its own chamber, over and over again.

Its only mission seems to be to raise money, feather its own nests, and ensure the big-government Uniparty continues to get elected.


One way or another, the GOP establishment is walking dead.

It committed suicide long ago by trashing its base and refusing to ally with its most passionate and principled backers.

The only hope for the country is for an outsider like Trump, Carson or Cruz to get the nomination and start unraveling the joke that is this party.

Hat tip: Uncle Ben.


Anonymous said...

Amen brother!

tomacz said...

tomacz said...

Barry Popik said...

Back in 2008, my wife and I were having our first child. We needed to invest for safety. My investment adviser told me to buy an investment with the highest rating. I bought Lehman Brothers.

Within six months, all my money was gone. No one has gone to jail.

Paul Ryan and others decided that the Wall Street criminals should...GET MORE MONEY! They got a federal bailout of about a trillion dollars. Even after many Lehman class actions lawsuits, I have not recovered one penny.

Paul Ryan's push for Obamatrade was the last straw, but there had been many "disappointments" (euphemism for treasonous betrayals) before that.

Paul Ryan's got it made! If he doesn't become Speaker and if he happens to lose an election, he has a million-dollar Cantor-like job lined up anyway!

Any American, chosen completely at random, could not be any worse.

Anonymous said...

What "Sundance" said: "There were three names available for the secret ballot to take place in congress, Kevin McCarthy, Jason Chaffetz and Daniel Webster. While each of the aforementioned names carry both pros and cons, an objective person would have to ask why, if only one name is withdrawn (McCarthy), the House Leadership wouldn’t continue with the secret ballot with the two remaining names.

The decision to stop the vote is yet another blast of sunlight to evidence of what almost every Republican Conservative is now fully aware. Namely the progressive GOPe will not allow a leadership election to take place without “their chosen progressive” as the ultimate winning nominee."
The GOPe truly sucks. They deserve to fade away just like the Whigs did.

lance sjogren said...

The people should take over the Republican Party. The old guard can create a minor party for themselves. Such a small clique has no business holding one of America's two major parties hostage.