Friday, October 09, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Bill's Wife: It's Probably Nothing

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Bill's Wife: It's Probably Nothing: SDA
Conservative opposition researchers drop report on top Clinton aide: Sarah Westwood
Progressive Republican Caucus (GOPe) Prepare To Force Rep. Paul Ryan: Treehouse

McCarthy Bombshell: Is Something Strange Going On?: LidBlog
Moderates Are the Problem in the House GOP: Leon H. Wolf
Roseburg Rally Goes Viral, Patriots Standing Nationwide: Patrick Henry Society

Flip-flops show Hillary’s long on ambition, short on principles: Jonah Goldberg
Ted Cruz Just Outraised Marco Rubio and it's Doubly Good: Scoop
Clinton is performing as poorly with men as GOP does with Hispanics: Josh Kraushaar

The Tyranny of Idealism: Sultan Knish
French Train Hero Spencer Stone “Repeatedly Stabbed” Last Night: Jim Hoft
Was OR Mass Shooting An Islamist Attempt To Assassinate Alek Skarlatos?: Matthew Vadum


What Happens to our Economy as Millions Lose Habits of Hard Work?: Of Two Minds
$3 trillion corporate credit crunch looms; debtors face day of reckoning, says IMF: Mehreen Khan
How Likely are Investor Suits Under the TPP?: Yves Smith

Scandal Central

Benghazi Committee: New Emails Show Clinton Promoted Blumenthal Interests in Libya: Stephen F. Hayes
Technology Shall Be the Death of Hillary: Joe Cunningham
Illegal immigrants don’t need to vote to help Hillary win : Leo Hohmann


WaPo: Yes, We Want Your Guns: Dana Loesch
Hillary’s lastest speech on gun control — or, do Leftists even bother to listen to themselves anymore?: Bookworm
MSNBC Admits it Cut Parts Of Hillary Focus Group Because it was “Too Negative”: WZ

So Hillary’s a Liar? What’s Your Point?: John Hinderaker
The Carson Cure for Obamacare: David Catron
The Media’s Latest Phony Attack on Ben Carson: David Limbaugh


Obama’s Iran Deal Violates a Law Obama Signed in 2012: Joe Cunningham
Four Syria-Bound Russian Missiles Crashed in Iran, U.S. Officials Say: NYT
Flip and Flop: Hillary opposes ObamaTrade deal she helped negotiate: RS

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Gambling scandals like Daily Fantasy Sports need prosecution, not regulation: Neil Stevens
What are White Holes?: Fraser Cain
It Took This Robot 10 Days to Learn How to Grasp Objects From Scratch: Jamie Condliffe


The Only Gun Law That Will End Mass Shootings: MOTUS
Tenn. officers asked to leave TGI Friday’s restaurant: PoliceOne
The Establishment GOP or Cancelling Elections for Fun and Profit: DTG

Image: Conservative opposition researchers drop report on top Clinton aide
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QOTD: "The latest round of polling for Clin­ton is bru­tal. This week’s NBC News/Wall Street Journ­al/Mar­ist sur­vey in Iowa shows her fa­vor­ab­il­ity rat­ing with men at a mere 27 per­cent, while two-thirds view her un­fa­vor­ably. Her minus-39 net fa­vor­ab­il­ity with men is 28 points worse than Vice Pres­id­ent Joe Biden and 27 points be­hind Sen. Bernie Sanders. The story is the same in New Hamp­shire, where the NBC/WSJ/Mar­ist poll found both Sanders and Biden with net-pos­it­ive rat­ings, while Clin­ton’s ap­prov­al is deeply un­der­wa­ter, stuck at 30 per­cent.

The swing-state polling is a mir­ror im­age of her na­tion­al num­bers. Last week, Quin­nipi­ac found Clin­ton’s neg­at­ive rat­ings with white men at a stun­ning 72 per­cent—sig­ni­fic­antly worse than the Demo­crat­ic Party’s already-ser­i­ous struggles with that demo­graph­ic group. Mean­while, she’s not per­form­ing at nearly a strong-enough level with wo­men to coun­ter­act the prob­lem. Only 49 per­cent of wo­men viewed her fa­vor­ably in the poll, with 47 per­cent hold­ing neg­at­ive views." --Josh Kraushaar


Anonymous said...

Truth is dead, long live the fascist state.

Walter Scott shooting: Family agrees $6.5m settlement

"Walter Scott, 50, was shot in April by officer Michael Slager while running from a routine traffic stop."

Umm no, Walter Scott assaulted and battered Officer Slager. And tasered the officer, with his own stun gun. And most likely WOULD have killed him, if Slager had not fought for his very life. No one else was injured. No one else was attacked. No one else in the community's life was in jeopardy, from a most dangerous fleeing felon.


It only took seven years to destroy this nation. Just and only. While barely lifting one itty bitty lil cockroach finger. And King Pigsh*t, still has one more year left!!!


Harry Bergeron said...

The fact that half of all women approve of Hillary Clinton is seriously disturbing.
It means that every other woman you encounter is disengaged with reality.
Can I not trust the perceptions and judgement of half of half the entire population?