Tuesday, October 06, 2015

OH, MY: Hillary Email’s Company Worried About a "Cover Up", Had Extra Backups Made

By Masked Avenger

Big developments today in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. According to emails uncovered by congressional investigators, the IT firm contracted to maintain Hillary Clinton’s secret email server became concerned about being roped into a “cover up” when they were asked to reduce email data after the State Department requested Clinton’s correspondence. Additionally, her deleted emails may still be recoverable as a SECOND company was involved in backing up the server.

Hillary Clinton hired a Connecticut company to back up her emails, and due to a technical glitch some may still reside on one of the firm’s “cloud” storage sites ... The disclosures, in a letter Monday from Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, heighten the possibility that some of Clinton’s more than 31,000 personal emails may still be recovered. She said last March that she deleted them all upon turning over her official emails to the State Department in December 2014.

...His letter to the chief executive of Datto Inc. of Norwalk, Conn., offers the first public confirmation that Clinton or her aides arranged for a backup of her email server after leaving office ... The letter also recounts a series of events that led an employee of Colorado-based Platte River Networks to air suspicions in an email as to whether “this whole thing really is covering up some shaddy sh**,” according to an excerpt of an email cited by Johnson, who is chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

On May 31, 2013, four months after Clinton left office, the Clinton Executive Service Corp., which oversaw her email server contracts, hired Platte River to maintain her account. Its New Jersey-based server replaced the server in the basement of her New York home that handled her emails as secretary of state.

At the same time, Platte River retained Datto to set up a virtual backup server that could provide immediate recovery if the primary server failed, Johnson said in his letter. Datto says it offers two kinds of backup storage: a private cloud virtual server that takes data from a server and converts it into “virtual machines that can be booted instantly,” and an off-site “secure cloud.”

The Clinton firm chose the private cloud virtual server for Platte River to manage, Johnson wrote.

However, documents obtained by the committee show “confusion” among Platte River employees when they realized that data from Clinton’s server “was potentially being sent to Datto’s off-site location,” Johnson wrote.

Several weeks ago, Platte River employees discovered that her private server was syncing with an offsite Datto server, he said.

When Datto acknowledged the issue via email, a Platte River employee replied: “this is a problem.”

...Johnson said that means that “Datto apparently possessed a backup of the server’s contents since June 2013.”

Platte warned Datto not to delete the data and to find a way -- like a flash drive -- to transfer the server back to Hillary's bathroom email server.

It's unclear whether that occurred or subsequent wipe of the cloud storage took place.

In fact, after the State Department requested that Clinton turn over her emails, Platte began winnowing down the number of emails that could be stored on the server. It was then that Platte River employees began to worry that they would be made the fall guys.

Neither the Clinton campaign or Platte would respond to McClatchy's requests for comment.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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