Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: DREAM nightmare: an open-borders entitlement

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DREAM nightmare: an open-borders entitlement program: Malkin
Portland Bomber Recruited by AQ, Not the FBI: WZ
How Did the GOP Perform With Hispanic Voters In 2010?: WklyStd

The Endless Delaware Post-Mortem: RSM
Cui Bono?: Wizbang
Man of the Year Nominations: Surber

Mark Ritchie, File 5: Communist Party Connection Exposed: Noisy
Another Day, Another John Conyers Ripoff: GWP
Obama May Have to Delay Hawaiian Vacation Due to Tax Cut Fight: WZ


Euro Contagion Spreads: Ace
Reid Pays Back the Unions -- At Your Expense: RWN
College Dream About to Get Easier … for Illegals: PJM

'It’s all rigged': Senate passes new food police bill: Malkin
Dense Pack: Belmont Club
Sherrod Brown (D-OH): Unemployment Benefits Create Jobs: WZ

Climate & Energy

Rationing Bono & Other Gaia-Saving Ideas: Anchoress
Global Warming “Con Artists” Try Again at Cancun Climate Conference: RWN
A Clearer Picture Of The Climate Alarmist End Game: RWN


Wikileaks Exposed Classified US Documents, So The Worst Person In The World Is Obviously Bristol Palin: SAB
Palin Derangement at MSNBC, or shall we call it MSPDS?: Cubachi
Palin Envy, a freudian diagnosis for our cojones-challenged GOP establishment?: sisu

The Age of Adolescence: Hanson
The Care and Feeding of Progressives: AT
Liberalism: Mohammad Cartoons Vs. Jesus Being Eaten By Ants: RWN

What Sarah Palin is doing to her children: Althouse
Today Show Portrays Wiki Leaker as a 'Teased' and 'Harassed' Victim of the Military: NewsBusters
Give this man his Pulitzer already: Benjamin Marra’s The Incredibly Fantastic Adventures of Maureen Dowd: Robot6


“TANGO DOWN”: th3j35t3r Hacks WikiLeaks: Babalu
Muslim Columnist: U.K. Rape Gang Case Exposes ‘Disgusting Cultural Beliefs’: RSM
Holocaust Denial From U.S. Professors: Academic Freedom?: PJM

Rethinking Foreign Policy: AT
Wikileaks Proved Obama Lied Repeatedly About Middle East Policy: JoshuaPundit
President Obama seeking advice from Jimmy Carter – on North Korea?: Toldjah

Canadians outraged as veiled Muslim women not required to lift veil, prove ID at airports: BlogProf
Wiki-Wiki, Pres. Chrissy: Babalu
I'm Not Laughing: Wizbang


WikiLeaks has U.S. scrambling to plug holes: CNet
Has the scientific fountain of youth been found? : DVICE
Will Verizon’s iPhone Be Very Good For AT&T’s Bottom Line?: Barron's


Call of Duty: Slack Ops: Six Meat
kim jong-il looking at things: kim jong-il looking at things
Whacking Assange: C&S

Image: Police Sketch Artist Rendering of Andrew Cuomo
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QOTD: "If you can somehow force a liberal into a point- counterpoint argument, his retorts will bear no relation to what you’ve said — unless you were in fact talking about your looks, your age, your weight, your personal obsessions, or whether you are a fascist. In the famous liberal two-step, they leap from one idiotic point to the next, so you can never nail them. It’s like arguing with someone with Attention Deficit Disorder." -- Ann Coulter

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OLD FAN said...

SISU and the Anchoress, could not get any better.

Even if I find the mighty SISU a little intense on the Palin fashion - she is so amazing, SW is the best.


Morris is calling for Hillary's removal. Obama doesn't have the guts, but it is clear, she should absolutely go.