Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stop Action Photos: How the XM-25 Works


A complete family of ammo is planned, including armor-piercing, anti-personnel, airburst and point-impact non-lethal rounds.

The HEAB round is a 25mm cartridge with fore and aft explosive warheads, and a mid-body airburst fuse... An operational firing scenario would involve the following: by viewing through the fire control display, the combat user puts the red-dot aim-point on the target, pushes the "Lase" button, realigns the aim-point on the target, and fires...

The range is automatically communicated upon firing to the chambered 25mm round -- and stored in the fuse logic.

Upon muzzle exit, the intelligent fuse, using a turns-counting approach, determines the distance traveled and bursts precisely over the engaged target at the programmed range.

...It leaves the enemy no place to hide.

The entire video is at StrategyPage. And Fox News has a slideshow.


Anonymous said...

Can't help but worry that this is going to end up in the wrong hands sooner than later..

gps fleet tracking said...

Impressive review regarding the XM-25.My opinion towards the XM-25 looks stylish and grip of the XM-25 is brilliant and your never miss out the target...

Bones said...

It used to be how much ammo and food the soldier had to carry. Now
you have to add batteries to the load.

Duncan Idaho said...

I'll join the Army if they can guarantee that I'll be using the XM-25 exclusively.

This is the closest thing to a video game gun ever made!