Friday, November 26, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The Hard Work Begins Now

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The Hard Work Begins Now: ProWis
Rubio for President: AT
Shockingly, ACLU still silent on TSA Groping: RWN

Hammer Time: JOM
Obama Campaign Senior Advisor Held On Child Sex Charges: iOTW
Allen West: America's next black president?: Delingpole

Senate set to take up immigration reform bill: WashExam
Lawmakers: $1.2B Pigford Payout Rife With Fraud: BigGovt
Apartheid Swim at Georgetown U.: Atlas


Food 'Safety' Bill To Centralize, Regulate Food Production: NoisyRoom
Food Safety Measure Would Give Small Farmers Indigestion: PJM
TSA-ing inmates costs Chicago $55 million: Surber

47 Words In ObamaCare Bill To Cost Hospitals Millions: RWN
Is Schadenfreude Verboten On Thanksgiving Day?: LegalIns
The Left’s pushback: The return of University 'Speech Codes': ProWis

Climate & Energy

Discovery News: Thanksgiving Dinner will be extinct because of... GLOBALWARMING!: BlogProf
White House Expedites Wind Farms; Stalls Drilling: RedState
Green Party Co-Founder Concerned About Climate 'Exaggeration, Alarmism': GWPF


How Do We Say "Hail To The President Of Our 57 States" In Austrian?: LegalIns
Media Matters’ Stunning Hypocrisy on Anonymous Donations: BigJournalism
World War Three Averted: Treacher

Grudging Credit to Glenn Greenwald: Verum Serum
In 2010 sweep, even the Finns voted Republican: Barone
The Case for Real Presidential Debates: AT


The Sixty Years War: WklyStd (Hayes)
Duped in North Korea: From Obama's Mentor to Jimmy Carter: AT
Not News: Girl Arrested For Allegedly Burning The Koran. News: In The UK: WZ

IRS to Jewish group: 'Does your organization support the existence of the land of Israel?': GWP
Graphic: Anatomy of a stoning: Creeping Sharia
Muslim Woman Demands Skating Rink Submit to Sharia: Atlas

GOP senators list SALT deficiencies: AT
China's Economic Treadmill to Hell: Mish
The 'Israelification' of airports: High security, little bother: Toronto Star


Can Anything Stop The Facebook Juggernaut?: TechCrunch
Are Security Scanners Safe?: MIT TechReview
Should You Wait to Buy a Tablet?: CNet


Giving Thanks: iOTW
Shadow Currencies, Shadow Governments and Now, Shadow People: MOTUS
TSA Travel Terror: WYOTK

“The turkeys are hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement”: RedState
Help You Make It To Your Flight: Buck Howdy
How to Wear Hermes Scarf as Hijab: SavvyMode

Image: Watts Up With That.
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1 comment:

Old Fan said...

Happy Thanksgiving !

Hoping all had a great Turkey day.

Everytime we turn to the news, it just gets worse.

The best way to watch the news, like North Korea bombing, is to imagine images of Obama playing golf or Krugman with his umbrella inserted into the coverage.

The mighty ROSS influence is grand.

Thanks for the links, and all the fine work.