Sunday, November 21, 2010

Foolproof Method for Avoiding the New TSA Groping Procedures

Not only can you avoid all of the new, intrusive TSA screening procedures when entering the country, you can also bypass customs. Just follow the example of the 700 illegal aliens who entered the United States using a single trail in Arizona over the course of one month earlier this year. They didn't get groped or scanned. No one gave them the slightest bit of trouble.

Talk of the DREAM Act and amnesty is reportedly driving the numbers of illegal immigrants up.

Thousands of undocumented aliens pour over the border every day, unchecked and uncontrolled. They don't have to undergo a virtual colonoscopy at a TSA checkpoint, but you do.

No groping. No full-body scanners. No customs. No criminal background checks.

No terrorist watch lists.

No screening for infectious diseases.

No checks for weapons.

No checks for narcotics or illegal drugs.

Who are these people?

No one knows.

On March 27th, 2010, Arizona rancher Rob Krentz was brutally murdered on his own property by an illegal alien.

Today, Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of the world.

Of 75,000 violent and property crimes in 2009, only 18% were 'cleared' (solved).

Of 8,732 violent crimes in '09, only 2,921 arrests were made.

Of the 522 rapes that year, only 72 arrests were made.

Less than half of the murders that year were cleared.

This is not an indictment of the police. This is an indictment of a federal open borders policy that endangers citizens.

An illegal who commits a crime, like Rob Krentz' murderer, can easily disappear back into Mexico.

You can't board a plane or a cruise ship without copious documentation and a virtual strip search.

Someday soon, if it hasn't happened already, terrorists bent on destruction will enter the country through the swinging doors in the Southwest.

Millions of pounds of drugs pass through the porous border every year.

It's only a matter of time until chem-, bio- or radiological weapons make their way to our cities through similar means. In the mean time, you're the one who has to be strip-searched.

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Zilla said...

God help us.

Dan said...

We as a nation have gone insane to allow this hoard to stream over our borders. Insane.

Reliapundit said...

great post!

since obama was inaugurated, enemy combatants have more rights than USA citizens.