Friday, November 12, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Mark Levin and the Book That Changed America

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Mark Levin and the Book That Changed America: AmSpec
Top 10 Reasons Conservatives Should Not Celebrate Midterm Results: AT
Ferreting Out Real Travel Expense Fraud at the DOJ: Adams

A Look At Challenged Alaska Ballots: Ace
The 10 Most Gerrymandered Congressional Districts in the U.S.: Zombie
Mitch the Knife: AmSpec


What went wrong?: iOTW
“Axelrod Denies Obama Would Concede Tax Cuts”: ProWis
Alert: QE II Has Lit the Fuse: ZH (Martenson)

California’s Assorted Rocks and Hard Places: Hanson
You should've listened to Glenn Beck: RSM
Beware Commissions Bearing Gifts: IBD

The House Should Curb Obama's Extravagant Lifestyle: AT
No more sex tips for your kids?: GWP
The Boom Box: AT

Veterans Day

Happy Veterans' Day: Thank You!: Malkin
I Am Humbled: RWN
Navy Veteran Carves the Declaration of Independence: iOTW

Climate & Energy

Weather Station Update: Added Noise
WTF Friday Presents: Headline Of The Week: CBullitt (NSFW)


The Rethuglicans are Coming to Kill Us! Quick! Disarm!: Patterico
Beck is anti-semitic, Levin is anti-intellectual, and other stuff the left wants you to believe: RWN
Professor Bainbridge thinks I am an anti-intellectual populist: Levin

Left Responding To Bush's Book Tour In The Only Way They Know How: Ace
Someone tell Tina Fey that some of her fans are conservatives: Pundette
Jesse Jackson to CNN’s Soledad O’Brien: “You Don’t Count” as Black…: WZ

Latest Liberal Midterm Loss Conspiracy: It’s Joe Lieberman’s Fault: RWN
A Republican Bonus in 2012: Barone
Sarah Palin: Obama Is “Most Pro-Abortion President” in History: GWP


WTC Memorial: iOTW
Oklahoma Anti-Sharia Ballot Measure Ill-Advised: PJM
Obama Can't Seal S. Korea Trade Deal At The G-20 Summit: IBD

Some attending Capitol Hill prayer group have ties to jihad terror: JihadWatch
Radical Muslims Celebrate Veterans Day in London With “British Soldiers Burn in Hell” Signs: GWP
'Like a scene from a horror film': JihadWatch

"But what do they actually know about Islam?": Wizang
Sign the Petition: Has ABC/Disney Blacklisted ‘The Path to 9/11’ Forever?: RWN
Rep. Peter King: Bush “Should Get a Medal” For Waterboarding KSM…: WZ


Japan is Awesome (and/or Insane): SnappedShot
Boxee Will Change Your TV Experience. Here’s How.: Mediaite
Nvidia CEO: Lots of Android tablets coming: CNet


When The Pomposity Was A Zygote: iOTW
Meet The Illinois Woman Arrested For Assaulting Cop With A Sex Toy: TSG
Tales of 57 States: The Deficit Wizards Speak: AT (Cary)

Image: Mark R. Levin's Liberty and Tyranny
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