Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Keeping the Lame Duck from Waddling

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Keeping the Lame Duck from Waddling: AT
Uh-Oh: Dems To Push For Some Sort of Amnesty In Lame Duck: Ace
More Lame Duck Session Shenanigans: Ace

Airline searches, as ineffective as they are invasive: Pundette
Napolitano: Groping Children Preferable to Profiling: NewsReal
Napolitano Defends TSA Full-Body Scans and Pat Downs: AmPower

George Soros Targets Your State: AT
Mr. Rangel Goes to Washington … and Leaves: PJM
Defeated Dems Start Crying on House Floor: WZ


The Smart Politics of Refusing State Bailouts: AT
GM's IPO: Uncle Sam's pump and dump?: WashExam
Yup: Cali court upholds illegal alien student tuition discounts: Malkin

McConnell Buckles, Will Support Earmark Ban: Ace
That trillion dollar omnibus bill? Obama still wants it: ProWis
Super: NLRB Says TSA Can Unionize: RWN

Climate & Energy

Oops: Some Forests Are Net CO2 Emitters (Should We Burn 'Em Down?): TAB
California's Destructive Green Jobs Lobby : WSJ
Climate Change Will Make Chocolate Unaffordable Or Something: RWN


Lawsuit Lottery: The Let’s Rip Off The Huffington Post Edition: RWN
I Know This is Wrong, But I am Really Having a Hard Time Not Enjoying it Anyway: Patterico
Leftie-Heads-Explode… Sarah Palin’s TLC Debut Breaks All Records: GWP

Ed Asner, Truther: Driscoll
Why Isn't Peter Schiff Head of the Fed?: AT
Obama Advisor: He is Bored To Death And Just Too Talented to do What Ordinary People Do: WZ


“In a Symbol of Spirituality” Muslims Hold “Death to America” Rally At Hajj: GWP
Obama sends Eid greetings to Muslim world: Maktoob
Muslim Maniac Gets Pricey Renovations Courtesy of U.K. Taxpayers: RWN

Dead Souls: Hanson
Egyptian Muslims Celebrate Eid-ul-Adha By Torching Coptic Christians' Homes: GWP
Europe stumbles blindly towards its 1931 moment: Telegraph

U.S. Government Won't Confirm Offer of F-35 Fighter Craft: TAB
"Islamophobia?" Redux: Wizbang
Retro Ecomoonbattery: Moonbattery


Nudie-Scan CEO very Friendly with Obama: LCR
Security firms blast Microsoft for free antivirus offer: CNet
How I raised $24,000 on Kickstarter: CNN


Happy Birthday, Pajamas Media!: Simon
Busted! Cops stop kids from selling cupcakes without a license: BlogProf
Obama’s New Kids Book Praises Indian Chief Who Killed Hundreds of American Soldiers: WZ

Image: Left Coast Rebel.
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QOTD: "The nuclearization of the Iranian regime is one of the great tragedies of the age. It’s not like the Pakistanis, where they did it in the dark; they've [Iran) done it in full, open view of the world and so they’ve told the world something about Western will. Israel is on the front line of that battle and in that sense should not have to shoulder the burden all by itself. But we have condemned Israel to live at Code Red now....

This is the most profound change in geopolitics since the Second World War: Iranian nuclearization changes everything. And the idea that it’s an Israeli problem and not an American and Canadian one, too, is shameful." --Mark Steyn


Reliapundit said...

hi doug;

re your linkage:

"U.S. Government Won't Confirm Offer of F-35 Fighter Craft: TAB"

(at this link


this post you linked to was deleted at TAB because the link.story was covered in a earlier post:


Bones said...

Be really careful about this TSA search thing. It could be the latest smoke screen to cover the disastrous Obama trip and the election results. Watch for Obama to “Fix” the problem for PR purposes.