Friday, November 19, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: DREAM Act Scorecard and the GOP Fence-Sitters

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DREAM Act Scorecard and the GOP Fence-Sitters: Malkin
Pragmatic Murkowski to Tea Partiers: Eat Me: ProWis
Exclusive: Excerpts leaked from Panthergate Case: PJM

Time For Holder to Go: Hot Air
Donald Berwick Hearing on Capitol Hill: Heartland
Ethics: Dems To Force Through Judgeship For Huge Donor: LegalIns

Reid to force lame-duck judicial votes on leftist kooks: Freddoso
The TSA Touches Our Constitutional Junk: GoV
Free Market Solution To The Naked Body Scanners: Bitter Patriot


What will the DREAM Act cost the U.S. taxpayer?: US Report
Not Just No, Hell No: Keep TSA from Unionizing: Tapscott
Taxpayers Lost $9 Billion In GM Stock Offering: LegalIns

Repeal: It's the Ultimate Obamacare Waiver: Malkin
People Fleeing Forced Unionization, High Tax States: BlogProf
Education: The Elephant in the Room: AT

Climate & Energy

Upton's voting record belies his conservative claims: Tapscott
Get Ready For The UN “Climate Debt” Scam: GWP
Obama Plays 3-Card Monte In Gulf: IBD

Lead Author of IPCC Report: Yeah, Global Warming Regulation Mostly About a Global Redistribution of Wealth: Ace
How the Climategate weasels wriggled free : Delingpole
Goracle Claims Media Aren’t Covering Climate Hysteria Correctly: RWN


The Journal That Saved New York: Cold Fury
The 25 Best Ann Coulter Quotes About Liberals: RWN
The Meg Whitman Campaign: Penny-Wise and Pound-Foolish: RWN

Sen. Rockefeller: One-Man Cable News Death Panel: Malkin
Carville on Obama: If Hillary gave him one of her balls, they’d both have two: Hot Air
What Can We Say?: IBD

World's Dumbest Blogger Incapable of Understanding Economics: GWP
Soros-Funded Front Group (and Media) Laments Arizona Losing Money Due to SB 1070 : JWF
The Dumb, The Misled, and Sarah Seltzer: BigJournalism


The Ghailani Debacle: JRubin
Terror Comes to Germany: GoV
Founder Watches Human Rights Watch: Kesler

Fire Eric Holder: IBD
Jailed by the World's Perfect Government: Snapped Shot
'Guilt-Free Fur' Reveals Total Hypocrisy of Animal Rights Movement: AmPower

'It Wasn't Me In That Burqa!": JWF
Irish Sovereignty on the Brink: AT
Israel Advocacy and the IRS: JPC


What Facebook can learn from its Chinese counterpart?: ChinaHush
U.S.-Based Internet Traffic Was Redirected To China, Researchers Say: DarkReading
Big Brother is going to spam your cell phone?: WyBlog


Caption Contest for TSA/Denver International Airport Pat-Down Photo: LCR
How Four Loko Destroys My Body: A Liveblog For Science: Gizmodo
Other Refinement: David The Douche: R&R

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