Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The FDA's 10 Most Terrifying Proposed Cigarette Warning Labels

This is what happens when you get too many bureaucrats, making too much money, spending all of their time dreaming up new ways to regulate you and control your life.


Anonymous said...

Appreciate the link to our post about the Happy Meal toy grabbers on the Left Coast! Just posted another story about the Happy Meal toy ban originator in Santa Clara County targeting smokers in their own homes:

Keep up the great work!

Doom said...

I don't think the government dolts understand what they do if they pass this. Can you say... collectors? As well, 'kids' LOVE this kind of stuff. Plan on increases in smoking. Actually, I might (seriously) buy my past favorite brand (Marlboro) to get all of the different labels. Not a for profit collection, and I only chew, smoke pipe or cigars (and hopeful to get a hookah before long, but the neat ones can be spendy).

Just saying. I hope they come out on chewing tobacco too, actually. Yeah, okay, I was a little Goth before there was such a thing and 'sick' habits die hard... like me. Ouch, somehow in there.

Left Coast Rebel said...

The true need for "warning labels" should come with anything that pushes big government socialism on America:

Jeanne Patterson said...

Doom, ROFLMFAO. Wouldn't it be great to see a spike in cigarette sales?

When I saw the autopsy pics, I was thinking why do an autopsy if they knew lung disease from cigs had killed the guy?

Then I thought with everybody being an amateur coroner as a result of the many CSI franchises, someone could come up with up with a "What Really This Guy?" promotion.

This is gonna be great.

Doom said...

I see from your job description that you know about me and all the gremlins like me. When the government becomes Mommy, it ought to be ready to be called Mother and having everything it says turned on it's ear. Oh, and then there is Dad. There is no mother without father, and he does what he does, call it what you will.

Anyway, yep, I do expect to see smoking alarmism to go the way of the green dragon. Up in... well... smoke. A hail of smoke? Heh. (By the way, my mother did hate me often, still does... and loves me for that? Something to do with attitude and risk assessment. Uhrm, but you knew that?) *grins*

Phil said...

If they're going to spend so much money on these warnings, they could've at least studied human nature a bit first. It would've been much more effective to have pictures of cars, TVs, and vacation spots, to let the smokers know what they're missing with the money they're wasting.
Yup, sadly, money > health.

Anonymous said...

My mother grew up in a household where her father smoked like as chimney. This had such a devastating impact on her long term health that we are concerned that there is a slight chance she may not make it to the age of ninety. She's 88 as I write this