Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Back to the Border; News Flash--Progressives Won

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Back to the Border: Former Spook
News Flash: Progressives Won, Hard Left Agenda on the Way!: NoisyRm
Massive Voting Fraud Reported in Massachusetts: PJM

Let's Take This Country Back: AT (Jackson)
GOP tries to woo Manchin: AnBlkCon
Mark Kirk Already on Track to Vote Against GOP: RWN

Nostalgia: Things I Don't Miss About Bush: Malkin
LA "Missile" Update: Possibly Not A Missile After All: Ace
A Graphic Representation of the Path of That 'Missile': Patterico


California: Two Shades of Blue: AmSpec
Employee Rights in the Crosshairs Again at the NLRB: ShopFloor
Spending Less for a Better Education: AT

Ouch: McConnell Working Quietly Against Earmark Ban?: Ace
Back to the Future with Jerry Brown at the Helm: PJM
Leftist McCaskill Leads List of Most Endangered Senators in 2012: GWP

Bernanke's Folly: AT
Fed Global Backlash Grows: WSJ
Obama's edu-crats attack for-profit colleges: Marathon

Climate & Energy

Al Gore’s Climate Exchange Scheme Collapses -- Media Ignores It All: RWN
Climate science: observations vs. models: Moore
Nanny State Republican Wants House Energy Committee Chair?: RWN


Ted Rall Book Excerpt: Let's Kill Some Christians and Tea Partiers: Verum Serum
Obama's Slave Ship: AT
Translating Obama (Without Rosetta Stone): GrandRants

Obama, Chinan and Beinhart's Revisionism: Ace
Blowing Some Hot Air Works For Some Blogs: The Ed Morrissey Interview: IBD
California is not the "Lindsay Lohan of States," it is Courtney Love: BlogProf

Left Finds New Important Cause to Rally Behind: Ace
Huffington Post Libels Palin, Refuses to Change Story: PunditPress
50 Highest Earning Political Figures of 2010: Newsweek


Al-Qaeda cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki trained Pentagon’s Muslim chaplains: Big Peace
Obama's Visit to Indonesia: Highlighted by Another Mosque Visit: PJM
Comrade Atkins Admits Communist Infiltration of Democratic Party: NoisyRm

Left-wingers interrupt PM's speech in Louisiana: Matzav
Obama A Little Too Interested In The Fact That Communists Are Part Of India’s Mainstream: NiceDeb
Operation Fetal Position: AT (Geller)

West Goes Silent on Arab Press Crackdown: FrumForum
Feds Remove Highly Enriched Uranium From Suburbs: SanDiego
Netanyahu Confronts Anti-Israel Propaganda in U.S.: CBN


E Ink shows off Triton color ePaper, touts faster performance, readability in sunlight: Engadget
Chrome could preload pages for 'wicked-fast' Web: CNet
JetBlue tickets scam spreads via Facebook, tricks Jezebel: Sophos


Tales of 57 States: Nancy from Wonderland: AT (Cary)
There's an App for That: Carol's Closet
Having A Stench Is The Hip, New Trend!: RWN

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Anonymous said...

Well this link should be on everyone's ugly list:

Hillary Clinton Gives gives $150 MILLION to Palestinian Authority

Seems Hillary Clinton still thinks the taxpayer money is hers to waste away. Noting, she still doesn't even want to pay her own campaign debt, continuing to ask others to pay it off.

Recently, NATGEO showed an overt Hillary Clinton promo-advertisement, disguised as a documentary on the State Department. It showed the massive waste of lavish funding for those working in the State Department, the peddling of influence, and the absolute clueless nature of 'smart power' - which is predictably obsessed about IMAGE. It is a Clinton trademark, to have their associates via the Entertainment Industry produce overt 'cons' on behalf of the Clintons. Meanwhile the foreign policy is an utter failure, as IRAN grows to undermine all and is enabled to become a NUKE Power.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton still foolishly tosses away MILLIONS.

The joke is on us...

Aurelius said...

Thank you for the link, Mr. Ross