Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thankful for my parents, my wife and children, my siblings, cousins, in-laws and their families.

Thankful for my country and the blessing it has bestowed upon all of its citizens.

Thankful for those who serve, protecting us from seventh-century barbarians and other enemies of freedom.

Thankful for our country's police officers, fire fighters, first responders, nurses, doctors and medical personnel, many of whom work long hours on days like this one, as we lounge on recliners and sip on cold beverages.

Thankful for the conservative new media, which play an ever-increasing role in educating the citizenry, including Michelle Malkin, Glenn Reynolds, John Hawkins, Tom Lifson, Mark Tapscott, Jim Hoft, Andrew Breitbart, Ace, Doug Powers, Noel Sheppard, Don Surber, Ed Driscoll, Dan Riehl, Anthony Watts and Tyler Durden, to mention but a few.

Thankful for this country's founders, who created the most magnificent form of government ever seen on the face of the Earth.

Thankful for the Constitutional conservatives who ran for office, win or lose, to protect us from the 80-year march of Statism.

Thankful for football (real football, not the "world's most popular sport", the championship of which inevitably ends up in a 0-0 tie), baseball, basketball, boxing and MMA.

Thankful for Ronald Reagan, Mark Levin, Milton Friedman and Barry Goldwater, who helped reestablish modern conservatism with an intellectual framework and philosophy rooted in history, facts, logic and reason.

Thankful for friends and co-workers -- past and present -- whose camaraderie and support are more valuable than any material wealth.

Thankful for great books and great authors -- Barry Eisler, Lee Child, Vince Flynn, Robert Ferrigno, Jim Thompson, A. J. Quinnell, C. S. Forester, David McCullough, Ian Toll, Raymond Chandler, Ian Fleming, Bruce Schneier, and James Bradley, to name but a few.

Thankful for the great battle in which we find ourselves engaged, representing another clash in the unending war against Statism.

Thankful for this day.


Adrienne said...

And I'm thankful for your wonderful blog.

Happy Thanksgiving, Doug to you and your family...

sTevo said...


directorblue said...

Thank you both --- and everyone who stumbles over this blog!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Am thankful for all the brave patriots serving our country with honor.

Dittoly (is that a word?) thankful for all afore mentioned who inform, instruct and advise on cauterizing tyranny, here on the home front. Thus working to protect rights of Americans who are serving their country around the world, so they can return to more rights, not less.

Thankful for this site too.