Monday, November 29, 2010

Where's Scooter Libby When You Need Him?

Runner-up headline: Shock, Outrage as Analyst Valerie Plame Outed by WikiLeaks

Does anyone else find it hysterically ironic that the "progressive" left vilified Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and finally Scooter Libby for years even after it was discovered they didn't actually out super-spy Valerie Plame?

And yet when it comes to the most massive disclosure of truly sensitive, classified information in history -- which endangers America in an infinite variety of ways (such as: which allies will be so foolish as to trust the Clinton State Department again?) -- the Statists can't seem to find much to criticize the despicable crackpot leaker and Julian Asshatter for (my spelling could be off).

The instrument has not been invented that is sensitive enough to measure the Left's intellectual honesty.

By the way, did they ever make that Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame movie? I was so looking forward to seeing it.

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Anonymous said...

The only thing this Wikileak file dump does is the same thing the previous ones makes the US look stupid and incompetent. It shows the world what horrendous hypocrites we are when it comes to human rights and how moronic our political class is.
It endangers no one. It may harm our asinine foreign policy but so what. It needs to be changed anyway.

FYI - the VP movie is apparently coming out soon. Yippee.

OLD FAN said...


"...which allies will be so foolish as to trust the Clinton State Department again?"

Bingo !

Even the Brits are doubting 'smart power' today.

GREAT photo-image-art as well.

Democrats are big LIARS.

So vivid here.

What is this anonymous talking about human rights? The USA is the nicest to all, historic in it's humane treatment in context to all.

The WIKI DUMP again has embarrassed the Democrats terribly, revealing how utterly incompetent and mindless their offering is once again.

Hillary is now being questioned about breaking international law at the UN?

Oh my...