Thursday, November 18, 2010

Flag o' the Day

G.M. Roper offers a rendering of a comment by Dave in MA at Just One Minute.


Absolutely perfect.

Update: Commenter Old Fan notes that this concept may have originated with IowaHawk's Flickr Feed.


Bones said...

Just today’s outrages from around the net. TSA perversion, food store and farm raided by cops with their guns drawn looking for raw milk, men busted for playing chess in the park, pink shirts banned by school, class president an illegal alien, FCC and the net and Rockefeller want Fox News and some a little watched propaganda station off the air. It’s a mad house

OLD FAN said...

It is outstanding - did it originate with Iowahawk first?


Seems sound minds think alike.

Mad House indeed Bones, yet regarding FOX - after watching Special Report Tonight and their insulting - glowing review of Huckabee (who spent and taxed more than Bill Clinton over the same time period in ARK), I feel rather sick to my stomach.

Almost as much as I did when the Maverick won the GOP Nomination for the Presidency.

Certainly Rockefeller should be expelled as a Senator talking Censorship like this, and deported to CUBA for little education.

However, FOX's bias was showing during their coverage of the 12 on 12 Presidential Potentials. The hiring Huckabee long ago, made me sick to my stomach as well, thinking this world is more insane then I originally grasped.

Remember his lies about his educational background? Or his push to fund Adult Illegal Immigrant Education with Taxpayer funds? Or his Pardoning every monstrous criminal in ARK - setting an all time Pardon Record?


GM Roper said...

Doug, thanks for the link.

Old Fan, it looks like IowaHawk may have seen the flag and added the glove. Either way, it is the Gadsen flag of the Decade