Saturday, November 20, 2010

Great News: After Number of Federal Workers Earning $150K a Year Rose 1,300%, White House Panel Proposes 3-Year Wage Freeze... For Military

The growth in salaries for federal workers during the Great Dempression is something that must be seen to be believed.

The number of federal bureaucrats earning over $150K annually grew 1,300% -- that's more than an order of magnitude -- while those making $180K or more rocketed by 2,100%.

But those Americans who serve and those in harm's way are in for quite a different salary treatment.

A presidential commission on reducing the deficit has recommended freezing basic military pay and housing allowances for three years starting in 2011, according to a draft report of the commission’s recommendations posted online Wednesday.

“A three-year freeze at 2011 levels for these compensation categories would save the federal government $7.6 billion in compensation and tax expenditures, as well as another $1.6 billion in less retirement accrual, or $9.2 billion total discretionary savings in 2015,” it said.

Consider: the White House had no problem whatsoever in jamming through about $100 billion in payouts to the UAW auto companies.

And $860 billion in "Stimulus", tens of billions more in "Cash-for-Clunkers", "Weatherization" programs, "Green Jobs" and every other sort of boondoggle imaginable.

But when it comes to $9.2 billion -- total -- from 2011 to 2015 to pay for wage and housing increases for our men and women who serve, well that's just too damn much.

The Democrats can't afford it, you see. They've got other, higher priorities. Like amnesty and chain migration to bring in millions of new voters, the impact of which could reach the trillions of dollars.

But that's the modern Democrat Party in action. Trillions for illegals; nothing for the U.S. military.


Dell said...

But thank God Obama rammed through that nice COLA for all of us senior citizens! Oh.....Wait.

Anonymous said...

In 2008, the median family income was $52,026. When government hires someone at a $100k/yr salary (not including an additional 1/3 for fringes), the entire income of TWO median families is consumed to fund this position. This is the road to serfdom for our economy.

Zilla said...

Can I curse here, Doug? Well just to be on the safe side, imagine that I've unleashed a stream of expletives hot enough to melt the screens of anyone reading it to express how much this ticks me off. Damned commie pinko rat bastards!

LTC John said...

I'd take a freeze, no worries, as long as the rest of the GSA, et al did. I can handle shared pain.

The Rush Blog said...

I'm sick of this crap that Federal workers have it easy. I'm a Federal worker. For the past decade (under the Bush Administration), our agency had to deal with our funds and raises being reduced and a decade-long hiring freeze that left many of us overworked, due to our offices being understaffed.

The only Federal workers who have it "easy" either work for the Department of Defense or are members of Congress. I wonder. Does the new Republican Congress plan to cut their own salaries? I rather doubt it.

They want to reduce the salary of all working Americans (Federal and private), so that we would be desperate enough to find jobs with salaries a lot lower than what we have grown used to.

The Republican Party wants to transform the U.S. into a plutocracy. And the average citizen, who is buying this crap about Federal workers being overpaid, are too stupid to realize this.