Saturday, November 27, 2010

Photos: The Mass Executions You Never Saw In Legacy Media

If you rely upon legacy media for the news, you'd think that Gaza was some kind of killing ground upon which innocent Palestinians are regularly targeted by Israelis. But in Gaza, as in most places around the Middle East, the most prolific murderers of Muslims are other Muslims.

The following graphic screen-captures depict a mass execution of civilians in Gaza by members of the murderous gang of thugs known as Hamas.

Mass executions? Genocide? Apartheid?

Yes -- all of those things.

And legacy media is utterly silent.

Lining civilians up against a wall and executing them like the Nazis at Babi Yar.

And the typical separatist front groups, CAIR and the like, are silent on these events.

Should you do a search for "Hamas mass murder Gaza", you'll find plenty of references to Zionists killing innocents.

Or "apartheid".

Or terrorist-laden "Freedom Flotillas".

But let terrorists kill thousands of innocents in New York, or Mumbai, or Beslan, Madrid, London, Uzbekistan, Bali, Baghdad, Kashmir and dozens of other venues, and the media can't seem to determine what the attackers' motivation may be.

After all, it's not real news unless Israelis are involved.


Zilla said...

Awful. And shameful that this is completely unreported. Thank you, Doug, for showing the world what the media will not. I shared this at that page I run here:

Winston said...

Hamas is a criminal terrorist gang that needs to be eradicated.

West to the West Wing 2012 said...

God bless you, Doug, for bringing this horror to light.

And especially, God bless you for mentioning Beslan--very few people do.


D. Price said...

What is the origin of this video? It would be easy for someone to dismiss this as either coming from some other conflict or a set up.

It is not out of the range of the possible. What do you have to confirm this for what you are claiming?

directorblue said...

@D. Price.

They're these things called "hyperlinks". Click any picture or the link at top for attribution.

Anonymous said...

And people complain that we send more money/arms to Israel than Palastinians (?). Well NOW it does make sense to send money to PA/Hamas. Cut out the middle/straw man. Let them kill each other. Brilliant Mrs Clinton!