Thursday, November 18, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: CNN on TSA: 'Helpless, Violated, Humiliated'

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CNN employee on TSA: 'Helpless, Violated, and Humiliated': GWP
Dems Keep The Winning Team Together: LegalIns
Obama DREAMs of Amnesty: PJM

The DoJ’s Civil Trial Balloon Pops: Malkin
'The TSA can do to us what the CIA can't do to the Taliban': Zilla
More TSA Horror Stories: Pundette


Naked Body Scanners (and other Government Ripoffs): NoisyRoom
The 2011 Tax Tsunami: PJM
Fresno State Student Body President is Illegal Immigrant: AmPower

The FDA Will Kill Us All (with the help of the Trial Lawyers): Shrink
Liberty-Loving Latinos Outshine Loud-Mouthed Leftist Latinos: PJM
Tea Partiers dump on RomneyCare: Herald

Financial Bigotry: AT
House GOP: American People Want to Defund NPR: WZ
Would SCOTUS uphold a ban on caffeinated alcohol?: Patterico

Climate & Energy

The Left and Energy Policy: AT
Shocking News About the GM Volt: RWN
Automotive Nobel Prize Given to Obama's Coal-Guzzler: BlogProf


Roger Ailes: Obama’s a failed socialist: Surber
New York Times with Obama to the Bitter End: AT
Oh my: If Obama won’t fight for the left’s agenda, we should look elsewhere, says … George Soros: Hot Air

As Bristol Palin makes the DWTS finals, wait, look over here: It's Willow Palin's "homophobic rant": Althouse
George Soros: A missing moral compass: Bookworm Room
White House Insider: Don’t Back Down Now: NewsFlavor

The Left's Patriotism Deficit: RWN
New Yorker Dweeb Doesn't Think Much of You: SIGIS
Networks: 4 Minutes on Rangel Conviction; 120 Minutes on Royal Wedding: NewsBusters


Party Like It’s 1571: Greenroom
Red on Red: Westboro Baptist Church Set to Picket... Dearborn Islamic Center: Ace
Asia's Last Bubble: ZH

Philosophical Differences: El Al and the TSA: Belmont Club
Obama waives prohibition on Child Soldiers in Sudan: Ameristroika
War, Hell, and a Democratic President: PJM (Shiver)

Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta… An American Hero: GWP
Profile Muslims or Pat Down the Masses?: AT
Kashmir: India Arming School Girls With AK-47s to Fend Off Islamic Rebels: WZ


Transportation Secretary LaHood: We May Disable Cell Phones In Cars: Ace
Reverse-Image Scanners Show Everything? TSA Patdowns Touch Everything?: Magnote
Los Angeles Bans Grocery Bags: RWN


Quite Possibly the Greatest Video of All Time: Ace
New TSA Theme Song: Feed Your ADHD
Obama Settles In to His “New Normal” World: MOTUS

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QOTD: "Guess Who Showed up to High-Security, Closed-Door Dem Strategy Meeting in DC?
How about AFL-CIO Chief Paul Trumka, former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, Soros-representive Michael Vachon, plus a slew of other super-wealthy liberal activists..." -- Weasel Zippers

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Always great to see Mr. Surber linked.

He is outstanding.

Tina FEY not so much.
No real talent, just a partisan hack.