Monday, November 29, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Of Fake "Bogeymen" And Artificial "Security"

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Of Fake "Bogeymen" And Artificial "Security": ZH
Federal Farming Power Grab Scheduled for Senate Vote Today: AT
Portland saved from Islamist terror plot in spite of itself: Patterico

White House to Introduce Illegal Alien’s Bill of Rights: RWN
Paradoxes of the Present Age, Profound and Trivial: Hanson
The P in SPLC has nothing to do with "poverty": Petrelis Files

Wikileaks Doc Drop Running Updates: Hot Air
State Dept. pleads with Wikileaks not to release documents: WZ
Play this vid when you hear a lib support the DREAM Act: iOTW


The Greediest Generation--But Medicare isn’t Free: MagNote
The Boston 'Me' Party: Malkin (Powers)
Predictable: Union Drops Health Coverage for Workers’ Children: WSJ

The Compromised University: PJM
What if interest rates return to 'historic normals?': AT
Why Pay When You Can Get 16 Months of Free Rent?: Mish

Climate & Energy

AGW Rule #1: High Temps are Climate; Cold Temps are Weather: TAB
Cancun Climate Capers: AT
Converting engine exhaust into electricity: PopSci


My Rebuttal to a Progressive who Admonished Me to Play Nice: Stop Shouting
The Obsession With Liberals' Obsession With Sarah Palin: LegalIns
They told me if I voted Republican we'd have a Bible-reading 'Christianist' in the White House: Instapundit

Glenn Greenwald: Portland Terror Plot Was Entrapment, Plus We Deserved Destruction It Would Have Caused: Patterico
NYT Manages to Praise Obama Administration in Report on Historic Leak of Sensitive Information: GWP
Who will fix Rahm's residency problem, and how?: Freddoso

Our Puritanical Progressives: Driscoll
My Personal “Pat-Down” Experience: RWN
Out Of Control TSA Agents Steal Pizza, Assault Store Clerk: BlogProf


Breaking: Two Iranian nuclear scientists killed in separate bomb blasts : Matzav
What will you do when they come for you?: Green Mountains
Canada: Muslims remove hateful passages from Koran: Tundra Tabloids

JCS Mullen: 'We Can Stop Islamic Extremism by Teaching People to Read The Qu'ran…': JoshuaPundit
UK Hits Bottom, Keeps Digging: Taliban Spiritual Leader to Address House of Lords: WZ
Following Hungary And Ireland, France Is Next To Seize Pension Funds: ZH

Wikileaker Bradley Manning Smuggled Info Out on CD-RW Labeled ‘Lady Gaga’: GWP
Bill Gates: Let's give Africa money to fund corrupt governments (plus--let's kill one billion people): BlogProf
Wikileaks cables: key issues: BBC


COICA Hall of Shame: iOTW
Biochemist Raises Questions about Nude-o-Scopes: Ace
Oracle ruling slams SAP's reputation: Reuters


Prog Texting: Acronyms for Progressives: Cube
Iowa I Opener: John Wayne's birthplace: Marathon
Obama to TSA: Don't Touch My Junk: RX2008

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QOTD: "Government spending does not contribute to the creation of wealth in an economy, it inhibits it in direct proportion to the amount of that spending. That is true even when there is no borrowing involved, with the government running a genuinely balanced budget. Government creates no wealth, it simply confiscates it from those who do. The situation deteriorates rapidly when government spending exceeds government “revenue”. The dead weight of government then falls not only on present production but on future production. The higher the debt grows, the further into the future the burden stretches.

Government spending has no place in any measure of REAL economic growth. Government borrowing is the greatest economic threat to REAL economic growth. Once government borrowing is established as a prime component of the statistic (GDP) that purports to “measure” economic growth, then gradual economic impoverishment is assured. Once government borrowing is deemed to be the most important component in re-establishing economic growth, financial collapse is assured." -- William Buckler

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