Saturday, November 27, 2010

Emboldened by North Korea's Show of Force, Iran's Revolutionary Guards Unveil Startling New Super-Weapons

A dithering White House "has emboldened countries such as Iran, North Korea, and China."

More specifically, Tehran appears to be watching and learning from Pyongyang's inbreds, who have toyed with U.S. diplomats since the Madeline Albright era. In that regard, undercover operative Deep Spackle emailed us these pictures from an undisclosed location in Iran.

His Mullah's Ship (HMS) Jihad of Love, Iran's first nuclear aircraft carrier, embarks on a test voyage in the Strait of Hormuz.

HMS Martyred Teddy Bear, a guided missile cruiser, docks in a special slip at the military port of Bander-e Lengeh.

A squadron of Mahdi-15 Fighter-Bombers flies over Tehran.

High-powered Nuclear Suicide-belt cargo planes carry advanced weapons to a secret location.

A top secret photograph of the much-feared, experimental Ayatollah of Rockenrollah battle tank.

Revolutionary Guards Special Operations Commando Ranger demonstrates the Donkey of Doom Personal Killing Tank.

Iran desperately needs to be neutered by the U.S. -- and certainly the American military is well-positioned to do so -- but it's increasingly clear that the Obama administration has no will to fight the rise of nuclear terrorism.


Anonymous said...

One time in the service (back in the late Eighties), a bud of mine and me were forced to listen to some ludicrous briefing about Iran. At one point, the phrase "Iranian Naval Threat" was uttered

So I leaned over to my friend and said, "Iranian naval threat -- what that? A guy on a jet ski with a claymore mine strapped to his head?"

Call me anonymous Lennie

West to the West Wing 2012 said...

Little boy is ADORABLE -- and his dad is obviously a talented woodworker!