Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HHS Head Sebelius: We'll Protect Americans' Sensitive Health Information With the Same Level of Security The State Department Uses

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius visited the campus of Kansas State University yesterday to deliver a staunch defense of ObamaCare.

"Health is really about freedom, [Ed: which is why we intend to make all decisions for you] when we live longer, healthier lives, we've got time to do our jobs, time to volunteer in our neighborhoods [Ed: there they are with the community organizing again] and play with our children, to watch our grandchildren grow up [Ed: each of them owing hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to the vast unconstitutional bureaucracies we created]," Sebelius said. "When the health of the nation improves we see the benefits each and every day of our lives."

...As well as the defense of the insurance portion of the Affordable Care Act, Sebelius also emphasized six lesser-known health issues that HHS is seeking to improve. They ranged from making medical records electronic and preventing infections in hospitals, to funding efforts to fight obesity and cancer...

... Chris Connell, senior in animal science business, said his favorite point was when Sebelius talked about how hospitals should adopt electronic medical records... Sebelius emphasized how electronic records could help prevent accidents where people with medical problems are given the wrong medication or treatment because doctors would have easy access to the patient's medical history...

...To wrap up..., Sebelius briefly discussed food safety in the United States [Ed: which is why the FDA has to regulate every aspect of food production and distribution]. She said changes needed to be made to the system, but instead of mentioning specific initiatives, she talked about the economic impact that food related disease outbreaks had on farmers.

I don't need to tell you, dear reader, that with geniuses like Kathleen Sebelius and Barack Obama in charge, there's little chance anything can go wrong.


Zilla said...

It's like our whole country entered a bizarre parallel and opposite universe when this administration took power.

OLD FAN said...

hehehehehe !


This Obama TEAM is simply nutty, but then they remind one of nearly every Democratic Partisan today.


Sebelius would be a lousy Secretary of State, if Hillary Clinton weren't doing such an awful job already.