Friday, November 12, 2010

Democrats doing awesome job with Stimulus oversight: spot-check in New Jersey shows only about 10% being lost to scams and waste

The two-word phrase starting with 'cluster' comes to mind.

Contractors billed New Jersey $27 for light bulbs, and ran up tens of thousands of dollars in other “unreasonable costs” on a $119 million weatherization program funded with U.S. stimulus money, the state auditor said...

Out of $613,600 in charges reviewed, $54,000, or 8.8 percent, was deemed unreasonable by [the] Auditor...

...About $5 billion in stimulus funds were provided to the weatherization program, according to the Energy Department’s website...

Yes, it's true: the Democrats can't even run a weatherization program without rampant fraud.

Say, wasn't Joe "The Genius" Biden supposed to be watching over this program with his hawk-like attention to detail?

Really, don't fret, folks: I'm sure nothing can go wrong with the Democrats' plans to nationalize one-sixth of the economy. Really -- it's only your health care, after all.


OLD FAN said...

What a shock.

Same fools who debased Our economy by destroying the Mortgage Market.

DODD sure is laughing his way to the bank.

Isn't it stunning to think Barney Frank is still in Congress?

Remember when Hillary Rodham Clinton was running for President, and it was revealed she couldn't figure out how to use the most simplistic Coffee Machine in a MiniMarket?

Now she is being flown all over the World, like Royalty, on a plane as special as Air Force One, tossing millions of taxpayers away, enabling the very worst in the World.

And these Democrats try to just portray it as merely a personnel problem - as if it is only Obama or Pelosi or Reid.

They cannot seem to grasp it is a Democratic Party problem. A DNC TITANIC sinking us all.

The Democratic Party is a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Only 10% lost to scams. Well, let's hire more bureaucrats to investigate this mess. Does anyone ever go to jail for these scams?

Anonymous said...

Actually, NOT lost to scams and waste.

If you actually read the article, you see that the money was not paid.

Private sector contractors trying to rip us off.
Government accountants catching the fraud before it is paid.

What exactly is your problem here, besides profound dishonesty? Or is it just laziness?