Monday, November 15, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Waiver-mania--The Obamacare escapee list

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Waiver-mania! The ever-expanding Obamacare escapee list: Malkin
Huge Illegal immigration smuggling cell busted in Arizona: Cubachi
Grabowskis Rule: Hayride

Valerie Jarrett Has a Problem: Strata-Sphere
Bridgeport's Missing Republican Votes: AT
3-year old girl accosted by TSA screeners: GWP


Maybe I'm Just an Alarmist: Q&O
China, Middle East May Own Stake in GM This Week: RWN
Paul Krugman: Use 'Death Panels' to Balance Budget: NewsBusters

Health Care Reform Group Gets Waiver from… Health Care Reform: GR
Race and Failed Leadership: MoneyRunner
Some Difficult Truths About Supplemental Security Income: SW

The Michelle Rhee Letters and Tapes: Ameristroika
Fed Up With the Fed: AT
Post Office Posts $8.5B Deficit After Massive Layoffs: BlogProf

Climate & Energy

Gangster government and the Gulf oil spill: Tapscott
US Oil Production Gearing Up: Al Fin


Frank Rich Knows The Answer, He Just Can't Say It: LegalIns
'This Certainly Was the Worst 10 Days of His Political Life': JWF
Georgetown Prof: Obama “Bought and Paid For by Zionists,” American Media Controlled by Jews: WZ

Surprise: David Frum Writes in the NYT About The Tea Party: Turns Out They're 100% Wrong, 200% Ignorant: Ace
Without God, All Morality Is Subjective: RWN
American Narcissus: WklyStd

Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco: Zombie (NSFW)
It Begins: State-Run Media Tries to Paint Far Left McCaskill as “Centrist”: GWP
Barack Obama -- The Marxist-Leninist Years: Hayek Center


“The Left is Very Much the New Far Right”: Gates of Vienna
Obama Administration’s un-American Agenda: BigPeace
Ever Wonder Why You Don't Hear Anymore About How Hamas Was 'Democratically Elected': Daled Amos

GOP Rep. Trent Franks: “Obama Doesn’t Seem to Understand the Intent of Jihadist Ideology”: WZ
WMATA Police Seek to Identify Two Suspicious Metro Riders: Jawa
Democracy Activist Freed From House Arrest in Myanmar: RWN

Smackdown in Seoul: Obama Gets an ‘F’ in South Korea: PJM
The Road To Sharia: ThinkIsrael
The Jewish People vs George Soros: Sultan Knish


US Navy's Free Electron Super-Laser Energy Weapon: Al Fin
China Challenges United States for Aerospace Leadership: AmPower
The Phone Call is Dead: TechCrunch

FTC Appoints Hacker as First Chief Technologist: NetworkWorld
Who Can Protect Us From Major Cyber Attacks?: DefenseTech
Beyblades: AmPower


What’s the Very Best Thing About Republicans Winning the Election?: RSM
The Official Iggy Pop Shirtless Aging Timeline: BuzzFeed
The Smittymotivator: Troglopundit

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