Sunday, November 14, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: 'Don’t worry about me doing the right thing'--West

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Allen West: 'Don’t worry about me doing the right thing in DC': Cubachi
Dems In Chaos: Nice Deb
Conditioning Americans to accept the unacceptable: RWN

This is the Moment: Belmont Club
The $2B Vacation Summit Was an Epic Fail: RWN
Attorneys heading to the exits in Alaska?: Hot Air

Tea Partiers to GOP: Fall in line or face challengers: DC
Don't Let the DC Insiders Steal Our Members of Congress: Iron Mill
Turning the Border into the Next ‘Third Rail’?: PJM


Good News: DOJ Gave Millions to “Sanctuary Cities”: WZ
Municide Slaughter Begins in the Bond Market: Shenandoah
7 of 10 Richest Counties in U.S. Surround DC: WTOP

Surprise: Pelosi really can create jobs: AnBlkCon
Is the Federal Reserve Destroying the Dollar?: AT
Cigarette Tax Hike Means New York State Budget Shortfall: LawHawk

Climate & Energy

The Global Warming Court Battle Heats Up in Virginia: AT
Pseudo-car pimped by pseudo-pResident: Cold Fury
Shocked as hell: Threat to tropical rainforests from global warming grossly exaggerated by enviro-nuts: RWN


‘The Demagogic Bloggers on the Right’: RSM
Patterico’s Latest Gambit: Trying to Pit Michelle Malkin Against Mark Levin?: RSM
Amazon Pulls Pedophile Book, HuffPo Libs Lament: Moonbattery

The New York Times Celebrates Mass Murderers and Genocide -- Again: AT (Lewis)
Glenn Greenwald Does His Israel-Firsters Dance Again: LegalIns
Does President Obama really expect a reporter to ask about his compliments?: WashExam

HuffPo's Les Leopold: In Denial: Denninger
No, Ted Koppel, cable did not kill news: Surber
Obama’s Favorite Techie Toy: The iReggie: Malkin


Care to Support the Faithful in Iraq?: BrutHon
Anti-Semitic Themes Skyrocketing in Mainstream British Circles Over Past Year: WZ
Six Years Ago, Yasir Arafat Died; Today His Legacy Still Prevails: No To Peace, No to Compromise: BRubin

Nama saya Barry Obama dan Saya lahir di New Mexico: C&S
Israel and UNESCO: AT
Women's Wrongs at the U.N.: HuffPo

Clarice's Pieces: Restoring American Stature Abroad: AT
Conservative Group Calls on Justice Dept. to Investigate Muslim Prayers on Capitol Hill: Fox
Blogger to receive life sentence for Facebook criticism of Islam: Maktoob


The End of In-Flight Wi-Fi?: Schneier
Cowboys fire coach, forget to renew Web domain: CNet
Galaxy vs. iPad: Clash of the Tablet Titans: TNW


Someone Must Pay: C&S (NSFW)
The Chuck and Barry Show: MOTUS
The 12 Traits That Made The Most Exceptional People I’ve Ever Known Stand Out: RWN

IowaHawk Free Speech Suspension Crisisgate: IowaHawk
President Falls for Invisible Air Force One Gag: Moonbattery
"[T]here was some confusion as to what book young Obama was writing.": Althouse

Image: Shenandoah - John Galt FLA
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