Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Waters' Trial Delayed As Evidence She Lied Emerges

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Waters' Trial Delayed As Evidence She Lied Emerges: Lid
WikiLeaks Plans to Release Three Million Secret US Documents: WZ
Obama More Sympathic to Terrorists’ Rights Than to Ours: RWN

Illegal alien sex offender convicted in Chandra Levy case: Malkin
Texas US Rep. Ortiz concedes defeat to Republican: WashExam
Sen. Dodd Tweets: 'U Love Torturing Me w this S***': PunPress


Pay Cuts Aren’t Enough: Time to Lay Off Federal Workers: PJM
Teachers union boss rakes in $428K, demands sacrifice: WashExam
The Politics of Avoidance: RCP

As Of Today, The Biggest Holder Of US Debt Is Ben Bernanke: ZH
Ben Bernanke's Scorecard: Mish
Predictable: ObamaCare forcing mergers; increasing costs: BlogProf

Climate & Energy

Down With Upton!: RedState
Another Obama stealth land grab: Salazar and the NCLS: Malkin
Gore Finally Admits Ethanol Idea Was Another Brain-Fart: S&L

Goracle Plays The Scienceless Doom Card: RWN
Wegman whiners: this post’s for you :WUWT
Subsidies for plug-in cars: A scam for big business: WashExam


All Hail Beastweek!: Driscoll
Retro Propaganda for a Retro Ideology: Zombie
Rush Limbaugh: “Keep Your Hands Off My Teabag, Mr. President”: GWP

Dear David Frum: It's time to begin thinking seriously: sisu
How Legacy Media Constantly Undermines Sarah Palin: RWN
Editorial Boards to the Little People Complaining About the TSA: Bend Over and Take it Like a Man!: Reason

Daily Kos: Allen West a “Virulent Bigot,” Meet The Press “Enabling Extremism” by Having Him on Show: WZ
Marc Ambinder: Exactly: Hewitt
NPR finally admits the Social Security trust fund is a fiction: Ace


Damn the Torpedoes: North Korea Shells South Korean Island: Belmont Club
Are North Korea And South Korea Going To War? Probably Not.: RWN
Israeli’s And Palestinians Agree: Obama Is A Big Problem On The Way To Peace: RWN

It’s All Because We Don’t Profile: LoneCon
Chutzpah: Ground Zero Mosque Developers Apply for $5M in U.S. Taxpayer Money: PJM
When in Danger, Profiling Is Rational: PJM

Terrorism Against Israel Applauded at UN – Obama Attendees Remain Silent: GWP
SmartPower Falls Victim To Taliban Equivalent Of Nigerian Email Scam: RWN


Figures… Naked Body Scanner’s CEO Was Obama’s Special Guest on His Trip to India: GWP
Our Daughters and the National Obsession with Thinness: RightNet
Senate panel approves domain name seizure bill: CNet


Politically Incorrect: MFA: iOTW
5 Famous Scientists Dismissed as Morons in Their Time: Cracked
Change Coming to MSNBC: Olbermann to Anchor FAILBLOG: RightNet

Image: Zombie
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Freedomnow said...

But dont question Guandique's patriotism.

Reliapundit said...


er um... so lemm see...

the federal govt bails out the banks...

and runs up hge deficits...

so then the fed/central bank...

buys the federal debt?

this is a scam.

OLD FAN said...

Great links...

Turkey time very soon.

Fun, the image offering showing the only steps to FREEDOM and Free Markets is President Palin?

Yes, she is a fine American, but WE THE PEOPLE are the real steps.

Not a Celebrity...

OLD FAN said...

PS: North Korea grows in it's aggressive efforts - where is HIllary Clinton?

The 'smart power' Secretary of State who bragged about how easy it would be to "deal" with North Korea?

She leaves Russia, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, etc., all growing far worse.

If a Clinton touches something, watch it erode fast.

Thanks Democratic Party, for returning us to the weak Carter-Clinton appeasement game!

'Smart Power' is as big of a joke, as change these days.