Thursday, November 11, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Going Out of Their Way to Kill the Constitution

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Judges are going out of their way to kill the Constitution: WashExam
Gerrymandering 101: Zombie
Nice: SEIU Counting Ballots in Hotly Contested House Race: GWP

Open-borders lobby to Dingy Harry: Knock, knock. Pay up.: Malkin
Mitch McConnell’s Part Of The Problem In The Senate: RWN
Great Nations Don't Decline -- They Just Get Tougher: AT (Lewis)


Avoiding the Abyss: The National Economic Rescue Initiative: PJM
Ryan: Federal Spending Up 84% Under Far Left Obama: GWP
Your Higher Ed Tax Dollars At Work: HayRide

First Target Should Be Government Worker Salary, Benefits: AT
Report: Obama caves on tax increases: RedState
Earmarks battle is a tale of two Oklahomans: WashExam

Higher Ed's hidden affirmative action policies: Stossel
John Boehner to fly commercial as speaker: Politico
Wall Street Collects $4B From Taxpayers as Swaps Backfire: Bloomberg

Climate & Energy

Need another reason to love Chris Christie?: JWF
Confirmed: White House Lied to Push Drilling Moratorium: GWP
In Energy race, Boehner's vote is enough for Upton: WashExam


Polling conservative bloggers on the 2010 election: RWN
Controversies over Kaplan dog Washington Post company: WashExam
Who Picked Up The Tab For San Fran Nan’s Party?: WZ

Liberal Politico Predicts Allen West Will Become The 'Alan Grayson of The Right': WZ
Liberal Radio Host to Tea Party: ‘You Animals Are Gonna Get It’: TheBlaze
What does Olbermann know about TWA Flight 800?: Cashill

Answer: Grab Blog-War Hit Counts without Entering the Frey: LCR
Tingles: Had You Seen This Hillary Clinton in 2008 She Might Be President: NewsBusters
New GOP chief of staff calls Pelosi 'garbage': Hill


No illegal alien pilot left behind: Malkin
Michelle Malkin Schools Obama on Islamic Jihad: GWP
The Hate Process: PJM

Scotland Yard: AQ Parcel Bomb Timed to Explode While Plane Was Over American East Coast: WZ
U.N. Accepts Saudi Arabia’s Bid for Seat on Women’s Rights Panel: NiceDeb
Amnesty International Demands Obama Prosecute Bush for Admitting to Waterboarding 9/11 Mastermind KSM: WZ

How Is Obama’s Asia Tour Playing with Muslims?: BigPeace
British Arrest Revolution Muslim Member Bilal Ahmad: Jawa
Christian woman sentenced to hang in Pakistan after being convicted of blaspheming Mohammed: BlogProf


BlackBerry tablet out early 2011 for under $500: CNet
Man jailed for DDoS attack against Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter and Rudy Giuliani: Sophos
Google gives employees 10 percent raise, cash: CNet


Happy Birthday Marine Corps: Malkin
Chia – America’s Next Super Power Supplement: SHN
Proposed Cigarette Product Warning Labels: AmPower

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Fine links today via LL.

Thank you.

One missed is a link to the Miller - Palin - Tea Party Express in Alaska. Reduced to the same legal challenges they all cried foul about in the Primary (some of our best on the right side of history did the same like Intapundit).

At the time, this humble conservative, wrote to a number of folks on our side, concerned about the vitriol in this primary and others, foolishly creating more opposition to the good cause.

But this is truly revealing about the mythic hype over the Palin Franchise, Tea Party Express influence. Certainly, Miller turned out to have many flaws and contradictions, but this is so true about anyone in an Image - Identity movement. Conservatives used to know, the fluff is not based on reality - humans are human.

Anyhow, it is telling, in Mrs. Palin's backyard, they made a very personal effort to destroy Murkowski, (with a 70% ACU rating), and I remember the ugly emails from the Tea Party Express as well. Yet, they seem to have failed tremendously, being beaten by an unheard of 'write in' effort.

The fashion got it wrong yet again.

One can be thankful (we can only hope it remains the case) Murkowski caucuses with the Republicans, and does not turn into another pure free agent.

Although I too, wanted to see better conservative candidates, I know it is good politics to remain constructive - not destructive. To properly vet candidates prior to the run, and always try to offer an attractive expression to encourage all to join the right side.

Mrs. Palin, the Tea Party Express, and quite a few Conservative Pundits, really lost a great deal of credibility in this last Midterm.