Saturday, November 13, 2010

Top 25 #StupidSuperheroes

'Nother Twitter meme where I was late to the party. Here's my Top 20:

25. @FlamingOMom4: Stench Armstrong
24. @TedInATL: The Asthmatic Avenger
23. @PhilipMurphyNYC: Captain Armenia
22. @TedgForce: Rustman
21. @PoliticsOfFear: Captain Dingleberry

20. @EricTheWhite: Tran Helsing
19. @directorblue: BadKarmaMan
18. @SavingTheWorld: StareDevil
17. @Jimi971: Global Warming Man
16. @TedInATL: Captain Colostomy

15. @GayPatriot: Mucus Man & Bile Boy
14. @DHSmith24: NagWoman
13. @MRinLA: The Human Flash-Drive
12. @Caper29B: Captain Kissass
11. @CatsPolitics: She-Male, Princess of Power

10. @ChrisBarnhart: Dr. Snide Allusion
9. @JCCentCom: Lintman
8. @TheNewSmallgGay: The Blue Bedbug
7. @directorblue: PullMyFingerMan
6. @MattBramanti: Lex Lutheran

5. @iParker002: Slow Motion Man
4. @IMAO_: The Human Porch
3. @BenFroland: The Flatulent Four
2. @TX_USMC: Ob/Gyn Kenobi
1. @FlamingOMom4: Upper G.I. Joe

Update: Just thought of one: Krugman!


The_Bad said...

The dynamic duo of Captain Disaster and Doctor Scotch?

The Invincible Jellyfish?

Stretchy McHugegavel?

Halle Berry as Catwoman?

Koala Man?

Ben Affleck as anyone?

The Progressive Avenger?

The Inchworm?


....sorry I'm late on this - just got home from work.

directorblue said...

The Varicose Avenger

The Towel-Snapper

Bloody Nose Man

Lettuce Boy


The Crust Eater