Sunday, November 21, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: DREAM Act is a Nightmare

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DREAM Act is a Nightmare: WZ
Great News: Gun Control Advocate to Head ATF: PJM
How's That Gravitas Workin' for Ya?: LegalIns

TSA outrages: cancer survivors and kids get full treatment: Pundette
TSA: Refuse Airport Scan and Pat Down: Face Fine, Arrest: WZ
Why is the TSA strip searching little boys?: RedState


Immigration: A Modest Proposal: AT (Baehr)
CEI’s Vincent Vernuccio on Where Union Dues Go: RWN
US Mint Reports Soaring Silver Coin Sales: ZH

Make a check payable to the feds and STFU about raising taxes: RWN
Pension Management 'The Chicago Way': AT
American taxpayers officially on hook for 1.7 mile tunnel in SF: RWN

Climate & Energy

CARB Won't Tolerate 'Dishonest Statements': WUWT
Fred Upton Saying All The Right Things About Energy: RWN
O Takes Time Out of Running The World to Sell Electric Cars: WZ


The Evil of Cultural Engineering: AT
Glenn Greenwald Plays Victim: LegalIns
Terrorist Street Art: Martyred Psychotic Killer Edition: Urban Infidel

If Only Obama Would Say...: Human Events
PBS Kook: I've Never Heard a Democratic Leader Accuse Bush of Lying Us Into War: NewsBusters
White House Insider: ” He Ain’t No Democrat “: NewsFlavor


Obama Jokes About Diverting Air Force One to Visit Hugo Chavez. Seriously.: Malkin
Missile Defense Basher Obama Heralds NATO Missile Defense Plans: GWP
Cheer Up -- At Least We're Not Europe:Ace

Muslims vs. Martyrs: AT
Israelis Lodge UN Protest Over Pali Use of White Phosphorous: WZ
The Tidal Forces Ripping Europe Apart: Lira


'Mystery' contrail seen from space: NewsScientist
Gmail Call Recording Appears To Be Rolling Out Widely: TechCrunch
Whoa, Google, That’s A Pretty Big Security Hole: TechCrunch


Stuff on the Slipper Slope: C&S
I'm Not Having Problems With This: Primordial Slack
Magazine’s Airbrushers Hospitalized for Exhaustion After Preparing ‘Aging Hollywood Lefty’ Issue; Updated: Powers

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QOTD: "The German computer security expert who first reported that the Stuxnet worm was designed to attack targets in Iran said the virus specifically attacked the country's nuclear program, in a report posted Friday... In his analysis, Ralph Langner said Stuxnet contained two distinct "digital warheads," specifically designed to attack military targets: Uranium enrichment plants and the Bushehr nuclear power plant...

Praising the sophistication of the attack code, Langner said, "it is obvious that several years of preparation went into the design of this attack." Describing the technological advancement it represents, he compared it to "the arrival of an F-35 fighter jet on a World War I battlefield." He called the technology, "much superior to anything ever seen before, and to what was assumed possible." -- JPost Staff

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