Thursday, December 17, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Democrats' Michael Moore Diet Plan

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The Real Reason America Hates Universal Health Care: ZomBlog
The Beating Heart of America: Corner
12 Orgs to Congress: Fire Jennings: GWP

Gutierrez Creates Tidal Wave of Illegal Immigration: STACLU
Every City a Sanctuary City: Corner
Flashback: Obama healthcare reform promises: Pundette

PalinTracker: Messin' with Gore, Dead Heat with Obama: PJM
The Persecution of Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Corner
It's On: Boycott Entire State of Connecticut: LegalIns


Obama brings the Gitmolympics home: Malkin
Obama Panics, Solemnly Utters Lies #4,826-4,848: Surber
Sharia Coke: Atlas

How Democrats Hide Costs of Health Care Bill: AT (Lifson)
Is deregulation to blame?: Power Line
The 2009 Obama Achievement List: AmDig

Obama Now Says U.S. Will ‘Go Bankrupt’ if Senate Bill Not Passed: BigGov
Europe: An Impending Disaster: Denninger
"The US Dollar Has Failed. We Need To Delink.": Zero Hedge


Inevitable "Two Black Role Models Fall From Grace" Post: LegalIns
Proof: the AP just lied to cover Al Gore's ever-widening butt: GWP
Time's Taqiya: Feature Story on Islam's 'Soft' Revolution: Atlas

Grudging respect for republicans, open disdain for democrats: Ace
Michael Moore Threatens to Eat Connecticut: JWF

Climate & Energy

Palin to Jerkinator: How's that green economy working for Cali, pal?: Morrissey
Richard Branson: Global Warming Hypocrite-slash-Buffoon of the Day: Surber
Climategate: European Carbon Credit Trading System Plagued by Fraud: PJM

Russian IEA claims CRU tampered with climate data – cherrypicked warmest stations: WUWT
Russians Confirm: UK Climate scientists Manipulated Data: Telegraph (UK)
Hadley-Russian Surface Temp Fraud; Where's the Solar Activity?: Wolf

Polar Bear Hunts Jones in Copenhagen: CBullitt


Democracy Under Arrest: Bolton
Obama Won't Support Killing Taliban in Pakistani Cities: Jawa
Iran's Missile Test: Corner

Obama Shields Fort Hood Jihadi: Why?: Atlas
Gibbs Cites al-Qaeda’s Criticism Of Gitmo As A Reason To Close It: FlAces
Shakedown in Northern Sealand: GoV

SecState in a Headband: Anchoress


You Want Wi-Fi with That? McDonald's To Make Wi-Fi Free: Newsfactor
Four fired for playing NFL fantasy football at work: CNet


Lunchbreath's Top Sekrit Health Plan: AmDig (Language Warning)
You Know, Infrastructure!: SondraK

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