Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: The EPA's War on Carbon

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The EPA's War on Carbon: Malkin
They Think You're Stupid: Latest Public Option Ploy: LegalIns
Dingy Harry's 2010 Suicide Mission: JWF

Was Dem Health Care Strategy Written In Federal Pen?: BigGov
The Next Sneak Attack: Morrissey
The Streams Have Crossed: Ace

Drudge's Middle Column Captures the Times: C & S
Soldier imprisoned after killing AQ terrorist: BMW
Is America headed for an explosion on Main Street?: Riehl


We're from the government...: Maggie's Farm
Goldman's hedge strategy for Cap-n-Trade: the EPA: Zero Hedge
Words Fail: BizzyBlog

Obama: Health Care Reform Is Our Jobs Program: York
FedSpeak Translation: Denninger
Here's What's Next: CBullitt


Taxpayer-funded NPR tells Mara Liasson to stay off Fox News: GWP
MSNBC on ClimateGate: Fingers in Ears While Singing 'La La La La La La...': NewsBusters
What You Should Know About Obama's 'Safe Schools Czar': CrazyUnk (Image, Language Warning!)

The Same, Yet Different: Crittenden
AP: 'A workshop on government openness is closed to the public': Surber
Krugman on Copenhagen: JOM

Truth to Power: JOM
Funniest SNL Skit of the Year?: McClatchy Watch
Friedman to Gregory: Islam Needs a Civil War: HNN

Climate & Energy

Shhhh... don't tell the trees!: WUWT
Climategate? The EPA never heard of it: PJM
Climate Change Hoax Photo o' the Day: JWF

Time for Keith Briffa and Phil Jones to Go Directly to Jail: AmDig
Phil Jones Has 'Gone Underground': BMW


Copenhagen: Behind the sleazy science, rotten economics: PJM (Rosett)
Hondurans pull off a coup against Chavez: PJM
Your tax dollars and Copenhagen: Riehl

Administration forgot they told military to defeat the enemy: Aces
Copenhagen's Carbon Kerplosion: Fausta
Experience Counts: S, C & A

Iran Revolution Day 168: Iran Police Surround University: Atlas
Chicago Perpetrator of Man-Caused Disasters Charged in Mumbai Massacre: JWF
'I said he was acting...like a terrorist,' says roommate of Jihadi that Murdered Professor: Atlas


Why Startups and Web Innovation Need Net Neutrality: BizWk
Tell AT&T where iPhone service blows: BizInsider
Monster's Power-Line Networking: InstaPundit


A Real President Giving a Real Battle Speech: AmDig
Tiger had me in the rough: News of the World (UK)
Massive Hit in Pee-Wee Football: Viral Footage

Daily Scoreboard: Surber
Kennedy Center: Doo Wa’s and Hoo-ha’s: Michelle's Mirror
I'll never wash my right hand again: Jawa

The Sinful Secret of the Brown Bed: C & S
Cartoon Credit: Barking Crayon


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