Thursday, February 17, 2011

Top 15 Photos From the Wisconsin Hate Rallies You'll Never See in Legacy Media #wiunion #solidaritywi

No captions are necessary. But remember, geniuses like Nancy Pelosi, Charles Blow, Bill Maher and the other drones say all of the hate speech comes from the right.

I love how these economic illiterates -- that's you liberal drones -- say that they want more of your money. They want more of your private property, which you pay for with the precious, finite hours you spend working.

Attention, drones: there is no money! The Democrats and the public sector union bosses created untenable compensation, pension and benefit packages... and then promptly destroyed them by making them so outrageous that the taxpayers simply can't afford them anymore. And instead of saving up the union members' dues money for tough times -- like these -- they spent all of that money electing Demcorats and funding ever more untenable spending programs. Get it? There's no freaking money!

Democrats have created and bankrupted Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the "Great Society" welfare programs, you name it. Every form of social engineering experiment -- all unconstitutional mind you -- Democrats have tried has resulted in untold misery, poverty and destruction.

And they ignore all of that history and pass Obamacare -- against the will of the people -- with an enormous bill that no one read and fewer understand.

Now they're turning Madison, Wisconsin into Greece -- and, believe you me, the worst is yet to come.

Update: Here's the salary info that Wisconsin's public sector union bosses don't want you to see. Tip: prepare to scroll down a while through the list of $100K+ administrators who work nine months a year and get gold-plated benefits courtesy of the taxpayer.

Update II: Pictorial: Protest Saturday in Wisconsin ("(a) Scott Walker is still Hitler, (b) he’s “exterminating” union members, and (c) Sarah Palin shot someone’s dog.")

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Anonymous said...

Shame on whoever made the Walker target sign. No better than Sarah Palin. Higher ground people.

BrettB said...

Ya, 1 out of 50000 people suck.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with previous anonymous and BrettB... still not a very compelling post.

Shane said...

Agreed that some of the signs are out of line but I've got no problem with the Hitler ones, though Mussolini would have been more historically correct.

D4vid. said...

is somethign wrong with wtf?
or republicans hate people?
The last one, given the latest moves by the party, is actually rather accurate.

Anonymous said...

Exactly the kind of "civility" we've come to expect from Democrats.
There really ARE 'two Americas': the USA, and the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

So one of these students comes to class with the picture of his teacher in a cross hair... I wonder how that will turn out.

Anonymous said...

for the record administrators have a year round contract and the ones I know work 14 to 15 hour days and put up with more than any other professional and make half as much.

GregInSeattle said...

Why is it OK for Union/Libs/Dems to hate, but a unsubstantiated charge of racism against the TEA party gets huge negative publicity? Slanted Media!

AngryParent said...

These "teachers" should not be allowed around children. Disgraceful!

Andrew said...

Hitler: Responsible for the death of millions. Walker: Proposing economic measures to balance a state budget. YEAH - TOTALLY THE SAME THING! (not)

The_Bad said...

Ugh. Here we go:

Drone #1 @ 9:23: “No better than Sarah Palin”

You muttering idiot. Show me the Palin example of a crosshairs on a person. Go ahead, asshat. Show it.

Drone #2 “BrettB” @ 9:41: “1 out of 50000 people suck”

Please direct me to the spot where you held the same sentiment towards any Tea Party protest. Otherwise, cram it.

Drone #3 @ 9:42: “still not a very compelling post”

What would make it compelling for you, drone? Perhaps an unhinged screed about Bush? A lighthearted joke about the mentally retarded? A heartfelt wish for the death of a former Vice-President?

After tracing your IP, I called your parents and they told me they want you to move out of their garage, loser.

Drone #4 “Shane” @ 9:53: “I've got no problem with the Hitler ones, though Mussolini would have been more historically correct”

Can I have your email address? I’d like to send you my collection of Barack as Hitler posters since you seem to have no problem with it. Jackass.

Drone #5 “D4vid.” @ 10:08:

Less LSD, pal. You’ll start thinking clearer. Nice blog by the way. How often do you consult with Chuck Manson?

Drone #6 @ 10:27: “for the record administrators have a year round contract and the ones I know work 14 to 15 hour days and put up with more than any other professional and make half as much”

For the record? Really? Sure, then. Try this on for size: for the record, anonymous tools that post comments in defense of those bilking the taxpayer swallow more semen than any other creature in the universe.


While other drones prepare to underwhelm with their comments, let me reiterate Doug’s sentiment:

“Attention, drones: there is no money!

Here is an illustrated example if you are still having trouble with the concept. Nighty-night, dummies.

PP said...

You may want to check your facts before you start your ranting:

"In its Jan. 31 memo to legislators on the condition of the state’s budget, the Fiscal Bureau determined that the state will end the year with a balance of $121.4 million.
To the extent that there is an imbalance -- Walker claims there is a $137 million deficit -- it is not because of a drop in revenues or increases in the cost of state employee contracts, benefits or pensions. It is because Walker and his allies pushed through $140 million in new spending for special-interest groups in January. If the Legislature were simply to rescind Walker’s new spending schemes -- or delay their implementation until they are offset by fresh revenues -- the “crisis” would not exist."

(from ://

Also, this:

"Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker forgot to do something simple while composing his plan to annihilate public employees unions in the state. He didn’t check the numbers. Walker claims his intention is to lower supposedly inflated public sector compensation to levels comparable with the private sector. One problem here. According to a recent study conducted by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), Wisconsin public employees are currently under-compensated when compared to their private sector counterparts.
The EPI put the underpayment to public sector workers at 8.2 percent less per hour than those in the private sector. Even if the fact that public workers work fewer hours per year than private sector workers is taken into account, public workers are still under compensated by 4.8 percent per hour.

Continue reading on Study Calls Wisconsin Public Workers Under-Compensated - New York Bronx County Independent |"

It amazes me how quick people jump to the rhetoric that public workers have such cushy lives and the state has no money-- neither of which are entirely true.

Also, is 15 (yes, I agree, inappropriate) signs from 30,000 protesters is the best you can do to shoot down this cause? Because, seriously, the fact that tens of thousands of people from all walks of lives can gather peacefully to participate in their democratic rights is pretty inspirational, actually. I'm not sure why there is such a knee jerk reaction to hate on people doing, when somehow the Tea Party movement is so much more noble. Both of these groups are doing the same thing, even if they are coming from different perspectives.

Anonymous said...

"Attention drones: there is no money"


Megan said...

Walker's goal here isn't to balance the budget. When he took office, the state had a $137 million deficit. One of his first acts as governor was to give $140 million in tax breaks to big business. How does that help the deficit? Taking away the bargaining rights of public workers isn't going to save the state money. I for one am happy to pay the teachers of Wisconsin a good salary. Wisconsin has some of the greatest public schools in the nation...let's keep it that way.

Paolo said...

Megan, the idea is that in time of crisis you don't penalize the productive part of the economy, since money does not grow on trees.

Are you happy to pay 100,000 or more bucks (without counting the benefit) for a public employee who works 9 months a year? Wow: this would surely help the the deficit.

Another note: I'm actually Italian and living in Italy. I think I know a little bit more than Shane about Mussolini: this former director of the socialist newspaper l'Avanti for several years, as a dictator implemented the most comprehensive unionized state system you can imagine, in every field; members of state organizations enjoyed vast privileges, as a mutual acknowledgment of the reciprocal support. I hardly understand how the comparison between Walker and Mussolini works, on historically accurate grounds.

Big Al said...

Most people don't realize that the creation of the minimum wage is what destroyed peoples ability to retire on Social Security. The COLA's for SS have never equaled the rise in the minimum wage which has had the effect of giving our seniors a cut every time we've raised the wage. We "hooked" a lot of people into believing the government would help care for them in their old age then ripped that rug right out from under them with another "do gooder" scheme.

AJsDaddie said...

@PP: You quote a Progressive paper's "analysis" of a memo, and in your quote you say something about Wisconsin's current bank balance. Uh, that doesn't address the issue: the overspending (the deficit). Wisconsin has a huge deficit, including nearly $3.6 billion (with a B) over the next two years.

It's as if saying "it's okay if I spend a thousand dollars a week more than I earn, I have thirty dollars in the bank!" Very much a Progressive concept, I know, but it doesn't work in the real world, which is where governments will now have to live since there's no more money.

Anyone who wants to see what state the Badger State is really in is welcome to check here.

You might also want to read the memo in its entirety, rather than just the bits cherry-picked by PP. It points out the many expected shortfalls, including the fact that the State Supreme Court recently ruled that the state needs to pay back the $200 million is stole ("transferred") from the Injured Patients and Families Compensation Fund.

Recognize, folks, that there is an active disinformation campaign. I've seen PP's exact comments, nearly word for word, on numerous sites. Do not rely on the cherry-picking, do the reading and the fact checking yourself.

AJsDaddie said...

By the way, if you want to show your support, please send email, phone, fax, whatever. Here is some contact information put together by a poster at

Tell Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker that we are behind him!

Office of Governor Scott Walker
115 East Capitol
Madison WI 53702

The nineteen state senators who are standing fast on principle are below. Drop a note and thank them for their patriotic stand.

Conservative Pup said...

Great job, linked today.

I just had to comment on this, "for the record administrators have a year round contract and the ones I know work 14 to 15 hour days and put up with more than any other professional and make half as much."

Then, let them choose another job. I have heard this 'rationale' all my life, concerning various professions and jobs, and all I have to say, as an ICU nurse who also works 12-18 hour days, even on Christmas sometimes, and makes much less than many other people who don't have life-and-death type jobs, get over it. I chose nursing knowing what the pay is. If I want to make more money, I will leave nursing. It's as simple as that.

argusAnemnity said...

Ahhh haaa look at these repub babbies boooo hooo closeted gays if I ever saw em.

Anonymous said...

Power to the GOP...sending money out of state...with tax abatements to follow...Walker is a thief..but stupid is a puppet for C. Rove ...Perry has been spending over $210 Million in Economic Redevelopment projects...putting the financial burden on local the Mecury outboard deal with Fond du Lac WI said...

The_Bad sure does make a lot of homoerotic comments. I mean a LOT.

The_Bad said...

Aren't you just adorable? That's the best you've got?

AmPowerBlog said...

Linked with video: 'Socialist Public Employees Call for Revolution in Wisconsin'.

ericf said...

Are you really not bright enough to figure out that "don't retreat, reload" and the crosshairs was mocking Sarah Palin, not calling for violence? You know how you can tell this wasn't a conservative rally? No one brought guns and threatened to use bullets if ballots don't work.

By the way, showing the same sign multiple times doesn't mean there were multiple signs.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead, prove the actual political allegiances of the sign-holders.

Anonymous said...

Using South Park's Scott, who everybody in the show constantly called at dick, isn't mean or vile just kind of funny and lighthearted.

Anonymous said...

Wow, 15 signs from a crowd that's over 30000. How convincing. Sounds like a clear majority to me. I guess they must be getting their marching orders from the Muslim Brotherhood to usher in a new era of the Socialist Soros AntiChrist or something.

Wisco said...

Wow, 30,000 protesters and a whopping 15 offensive signs -- about half of which are only offensive if you really squint and try to see them that way.

Clearly, the people in Madison are unhinged Marxists -- maybe even THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD! EEEK!

Or, at least 0.005% of them, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I have never read as many ignorant comments or a post such as this and I thought no one could be as dumb as Sarah Palin. Conservatives are the biggest idiots on earth.

Anonymous said...

"Wow, 30,000 protesters and a whopping 15 offensive signs" Why the hell not?? All it took was one "offensive" sign for all of the news media and leftist jack-offs to brand the Tea Party as racists. So go F yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

"All it took was one "offensive" sign"


go ahead, google "racist tea party sign".

TheDragon said...

Firstly, both sides have their handful of idiots who don't know how to convey their message. My stance is that we stand by internet argument rules where it's largely followed that he who brings up a Hitler comparison first, loses the argument.

That said, you conservatives are missing the point of this protest. It's not about money, it's about preserving the right to bargain.

Here are some interesting public v. private salary numbers for you.

Anonymous said...

Where's the media outrage at these threats of violence and hate speech. It was just last month the liberal media was falsely accusing the Tea Party of just this type of behavior as the cause of the murders in Arizona. And now, presented with "ACTUAL" evidence, the lamestream media is completely silent. Hypocrites. I want to know where is Al Sharpton's outrage at this type of racism and hatred. Why haven't we heard from Jesse Jackson. Last month the Tea Party was FALSELY accused of this type of behavior by the White House an d actually accused of murder by the Liberal media and this month the White House is promoting these acts and providing the buses. Hypocrites, every one of them.

Anonymous said...

I’m looking for where the Gov is paying back his supporters and I don’t find it here. Only where the Wisconsin legislature reports on their votes!!! I do see Tax breaks for the dairy industry folks if you want to call that big business. You all make it sound like Wall Street is getting kick backs. Get it right and stop lying.

Anonymous said...

I see where many of you Union folks are talking about a 147 Million surplus that the Govenor paid out to big business and his friends for getting him elected.

Well, the news I'm read says: "Republican Gov. Scott Walker is closing a $3.6 billion budget shortfall with spending cuts, and insisting that long-pampered state government employees pay half their pension costs and 12% of their health care costs."

That dirty thief. Read for yourselves and don't fall for the lies.

Anonymous said...

All you idiots saying there were 15 signs need to reread and take notes. These were the "TOP 15 Photos. Not the total number of signs at the protests. You think Obama and his Union lackey's wouldn't prepare more than 15 posters for these protests. Obama has a ton of organizing experience.

Anonymous said...

Don't even bother trying to talk to unpatriotic wing nuts like the guy who posted this blog. They love corporations and hate America, and have been duped into participating in their own demise. The Koch brothers are laughing all the way to the bank and they play on their paranoia. These people are so busy with their "Tea Party" nonsense they don't even realize that the reason that average citizens and the government that is supposed to provide a basic infrastructure for our society are broke is because the Wall Street and corporate fat cats have all the money. Talk about "redistribution of wealth" all goes to the richest of the rich every time these so-called "conservatives" get a chance. They're an embarrassment to real conservatives. I want government to stay out of my business and I want corporations to stay out of it, too...and I'm not about to give up my rights to give corporations, or the puppets they elect, more power. No clue why these folks think corporations are any better than the government, or why they think having corporate lackeys in government is so great.

Anonymous said...

Where is this "Wisconsin Hate Rally"? I know that there has been a protest at the capital about public unions not losing their collective bargaining rights, but I haven't heard anything about a hate rally. In fact I spent a few hours at the capital yesterday with thousands of peaceful protestors, can somebody tell me more about this hate rally?

Anonymous said...

@AJsDaddie, Are you sure about that? From what I understand there are 2 republicans that were curiously missing from the state senate as well. Get your facts straight, the republicans are waffling on their decision to stand behind Walker on this bill.

directorblue said...

@1:35 AM , Anonymous:

Hey, nut: government is the biggest corporation in the world. Only they make laws, can imprison you for not following them, and you can't get their bad employees fired.

Last night your president was in Silicon Valley meeting with more of his billionaire buddies who run many of the big tech companies.

And his other pals run Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, General Electric, you name the company.

The Koch Brothers? The Koch Brothers are a drop in the bucket compared to the crony capitalists working the White House to profit at the expense of hard-working Americans in the private sector.

Gawd, you're dumb.

How do you remember to breathe at night when you fall asleep?

Anonymous said...

Psst Democrats are Communists in disguise spread the word...

Anonymous said...

Seems like the gist of these comments and the article itself is, "Both sides bad, vote Republican".

Anonymous said...

Isn't it against the law to threaten people. If I ever dreamt of threatening one my politicians in Michigan, I'm sure I'd be in the slammer on some charge.

Anonymous said...

Yeah these are pretty nasty signs, not at all in promotion of public discourse. Know that I live in Madison and this is really more of a basic question of keeping our health insurance and pensions; we are employees of the state, not against the state, and the overwhelming majority of protesters do not believe in this kind of vitriolic rhetoric. We just want to be able to negotiate for the stability of our families. That's it!

Anonymous said...


HaHaHaHa...yeah, I'm "nutty" because you and your tea bagger friends are so predictable with your ad hominem attacks you're downright laughable. I'd be LMAO if you weren't RUINING AMERICA.

You're lucky you live in a country in which you have the right to be unpatriotic rather than being charged with treason. Instead of giving credit where it's due for a system in which power is shifted peacefully between rival parties every 4-8 years while still providing a basic societal infrastructure, you whine because a few people take some inappropriate signs to a rally at which folks have the temerity to suggest that perhaps the collective bargaining rights of public employees might not be the cause of budget shortfalls in a country in which IF the 13 highest paid hedge fund managers (who earned on average $1 Billion EACH last year) had their annual compensation taxed as income instead of capital gains (nice gift your GOP buddies have given them...what have they given you?), that revenue (from their taxes alone)would pay the salaries of 300,000 teachers. Instead of wasting your time getting your panties in a bunch about a few signs, how about doing something getting informed by something other than Fox News.

So go ahead with your unpatriotic and delusional government bashing and with your wing nutty notion that somehow corporations...that by their very design take money out of the hands of the people further enriching the mega-rich (talk about "redistribution of wealth")...are going to ensure you have a decent quality of life. When we're all living in cardboard boxes outside the gates of the estates of the mega-rich because someone convinced you and your buddies that it's okay not to pay your fair share of investment in America on the comic idea that because our system is imperfect you should trash it and because you allowed corporations to bilk us out of a decent quality of life and our civil rights, I'll try not to say, "I told you so."

The funny thing is even though you seem quite willing to bash those in public service, most of them would be quite willing to take to the streets for YOUR right to safe working conditions, a livable wage, etc...they would, that is, if you and your kind wouldn't keep letting groups like the US Chamber of Commerce buy off the democratic process.

Bring on the ad hominem attacks and make sure you mindlessly repeat your canned talking points. It doesn't change the fact that you are participating in your own demise...just wish you wouldn't take the rest of us with you. At least your flailings provide a bit of comic relief for the damage you are doing.

directorblue said...

@Schmuck at 6:28:

Dumbass, there's no money to pay for gold-plated retirements any more.

They're, to use the words of the Treasury Secretary, "unsustainable".

All of your Utopian programs are collapsing. 20% of the American people are unemployed or underemployed. We have record foreclosures. Massive regulations increasing gas and electricity prices. Skyrocketing health premiums thanks to the 2,800-page Obamacare bill that no one bothered to read.

Now, schmuck, there's a law of physics involved here. I won't go into details because you're a mouth-breather and could never understand anything above addition.

Suffice it to say that it can't continue.

Buh-bye, dumbass, and don't let the blog's door hit you on the ass on your way out.

Anonymous said...


HAHAHAHAHAHA...ever wonder how many people are laughing at you as you embarrass yourself. SOOOOO funny how you try to cover your lack of understanding and indefensible position with your juvenile behavior. Just like your kind to try to shut people up when you don't have any substantive support for your position. Guess I should expect to be blocked from commenting now...grow up and try holding an adult conversation.

directorblue said...



"In California roughly 200,000 of the 235,000 state employees are unionized. In the last decade, pension payments by the state increased 2,000% with $3 billion paid out in 2009 alone. 15,000 retirees collect at least $100,000 a year. Many are former police officers, firefighters and prison guards who can retire at age 50 with pensions that pay 90% of final year's pay and are indexed for inflation. Given increasing lifespans, many of these retirees will collect payments for 40 or more years -- far longer than they worked for the state.

• In Illinois, more than 4,000 retirees receive in excess of $100,000 annually and nearly 15,000 collect more money than they ever did as state employees. The state's pension system is the most underfunded plan in the nation with a $50 billion shortfall."

I won't ever ban you. I use you as a foil. Comic relief.

As for adult conversation, try buying a calculator and figuring out how Illinois is going to pay $800,000,000 for 100 of its highest-paid bureaucrats from now 'til they pass away.

Anonymous said...

@Director Blue

Love your use of Yiddish!

You seem to have missed the memo...the folks at just make it up, so you might want to think twice before you cut and paste from there.

I don't need a calculator to figure out that a bunch of freeloaders who don't pay their fair share of taxes are screwing the rest of us. Try railing at the thieves behind the whole "tax cut racket"...oh,'d prefer to help them screw you...there's no accounting for that...

They say imitation is the highest form of thanks!

directorblue said...


Here's your first history lesson.

And here's your second one.

Study hard, because there will be a quiz.

Anonymous said...


You really do like to waste time, don't you? Looks like you did get the memo about Fox News making stuff up and you decided to imitate them, too. Creating an alternate universe on your blog does not mean we all have to live there with you. (...and in case no one's ever told you, citing yourself is of limited value...)

Now I'm feeling kinda bad for having toyed with someone who is clearly in need of pity. Rest assured that while you're constructing your own personal version of reality, others of us will be in the real world trying to protect your right to do so.

directorblue said...


You're awesome! I may offer you a contract to stick around and spew nonsense.

In all of your bizarre ramblings, you've listed not one fact, not one historical precedent, no logical argument, no reasoned debate.

Which makes you a perfect Democrat drone!

Now, wasn't that your Mommy calling you to come up out of the basement to get breakfast? said...

OMG. This is hilarious. "Don't f--- with WIsconsin" is hate speech? That's just so precious.

You guys crack me up!

directorblue said...

@Southern Beale -- nice selection.

Remember that some of these 'educators' took their students to the rally, exposing them to this insanity.

All because they have to contribute a little to their own benefits and pension (far less than the rest of us do, mind you).

Anonymous said...

An unfortunate part of your condition is that you do not recognize your own insanity. There can be no reasoned debate with the insane. You seem to miss that this has been amusing play for me...entertainment...especially since your behavior has been so juvenile. If I'd realized the severity of your condition, I'd have stopped a couple posts ago out of compassion. Having fun at other people's expense isn't very nice, but when the person is disabled it's rather cruel...and for that I apoligize. Nonetheless, I'd no more waste time trying to engage you in a substantive debate than trying to get a paranoid schizophrenic to recount people's good qualities. Your perception of "facts" is so off the wall, it'd make for a great cartoon if it weren't so scary...a Bizarro world in which black is white, up is down, wrong is right, and villains are heroes. Though I was enjoying dropping in for a few minutes for some belly laughs, now I just feel sad that you seeem to be going untreated or are off your meds (perhaps if the insurance industry hadn't stripped so many Americans' access to affordable health care you'd have the treatment you need).

I'd say, "get educated," but there are actually a few well educated individuals who are part of the mass halluncination you and your buddies have going on...insanity is a nondiscriminatory condition. (Not to mention the well educated people who are enriching themselves pursuing a self-serving, unpatriotic destruction of America by fomenting your insanity.) Instead, I'll keep you in my prayers and hope one day you'll be able to leave your self-confirming loop and join the rest of us in the real world...and that you and your buddies don't ruin this country too much in the meantime.

directorblue said...

@Dumbass --- Let's see... you -- an anonymous nobody. Me -- close to 7 million visitors just here alone (not to mention my other sites).

The record-setting wipeout of Democrats in November of 2010 was just the beginning.

You're the delusional one. The cult.

We're the majority. Prepare for 2012.

Oops. Your Mom said the pancakes are getting cold.

Again - don't let the blog's door hit you on the ass on your way out.

Anonymous said...

Who is this guy who runs this blog? Has he been at the workers rights rallies at all? I have. Four whole days to be exact. I can tell you that we confiscated the target sign immediately when we saw it. The picture that was taken of this sign must have been prior to it being relinquished by the owner.

I notice you show none of the thousands of signs that read "care for teachers like they care for your child". Nahhh. What fun is that?

Anonymous said...

the tea party is nothing but a right wing radical party supported by rich corporate union haters that might lower thier share value on a non union company if can become a union the davis bacon act which by the way is a law voted on by our forefathers that worked hard for a living and expected a decent wage.all the nay sayers agaiasnt unions should thank us for your wages that you make today!!!oh by the way lets list a list of campaign contributers to walkers campaign that will tell the whole story who he is fighting for....

Anonymous said...


So you do this on more than one site??? Crazy IS a full time job for you.

It's human nature to rubberneck at a train wreck! Your perception that anyone visiting your site is something other than a gawker is interesting to say the least. It never occurred to you that your...ah..."followers" might be silently mocking you or doing a laughing wince as you embarrass yourself???? Or perhaps people accidently happen upon your site and when they see the blather it contains and find nothing useful or interesting they move on. Only in your own twisted reality could a site visitor count be characterized as some sort of support for your ramblings.

You're right that we have to prepare for 2012...especially if Big Business is allowed to try to buy that election the way it bought the 2010 election. The only "majority" you and your Bizarro universe friends are a part of is one in which you include in your count all the voices in your have to remember they are not real.

It looks like you're not only depending on the rest of us to safeguard your civil rights, but to be the productive members of society upon whom you depend to provide the means for you to enact your brand of crazy online. Your welcome.

Anonymous said...

It's important to note that most of these people are union members. This is a large group of dem/libs and rep/cons.

Casting a net that categorizes them all as liberal is lazy and dishonest.

Anonymous said...

Good thing JFK wasn't around to recently restate, "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country," or they'd have his picture with a hitler mustache and sniper sights on it. Jared Loughner was a lefty inspired by violent, hate-mongering liberals.

pastol said...

Money isn't the issue. You haven't figured that out yet?

Anonymous said...

We can no longer believe whether or not these signs authentic. The prank phone call revealed conservative strategy.

Anonymous said...

The conservative strategy for some time has been to feed people BS...the larger problem has been that too many have been buying it wholesale. Just check out the insanity on this site!!!