Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Collective Bargaining IS a Fiscal Issue

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Collective Bargaining Is a Fiscal Issue: HisCon
The Left’s Assault On Free Speech: RedState
The truth about the public sector union kerfuffle: KPC

What Wisconsin Predicts for Obamacare: AAPS
The Day History Died: Patterico
Police Ordered To Stop 'Incidental Immigration Enforcement': JW

Walker responds to Obama's 'misunderstandings': Cubachi
Mitch Daniels explains himself; but having to is a problem: RWN
Chris Christie's Second Act: JW


No reason now for GOP to fear a government shutdown: Tapscott
Once again... Obama blames Bush for his disaster: GWP
Obama’s Job-Killing Economy: The Continuing Saga: PJM

Exclusive: Was U.S. a victim of economic 9/11 in 2008?: Tatler
Trumka: Hey, you know what would help? Higher taxes!: RWN
Madoff to NY magazine: Government a Ponzi scheme: WSJ

Obama's Proxy: Labor Secretary Shrieks for Unions: WashExam
This isn’t grassroots it’s Tru-green: DTG
Money Train: AmSpec

Climate & Energy

Consumer Report Whacks the Volt: Malkin
Interior Issues Deepwater Permit, But It Only Points Out How Stupid Obama’s Policy Really Is: Hayride
Bill Gates Provides $70 Million For Food Security Against….Climate Change!: RWN

“Carbon confusion” in Indonesia: WUWT
Interior Secretary Salazar cracks: begins issuing Gulf of Mexico drilling permits: Caller
Eco-NutMobile to Tour USA -- Literally: RWN


Why this isn't 1995: Nearly 60 percent favor government shutdown today: Freddoso
Truant WI Dems Get Far More from Public Unions than Governor Received from Kochs: Gay Patriot
Sacrifice: The Obamas Personal Trainer Flies to DC From Chicago a Few Times a Week: Malkin (Powers)

Deep In His Cave, Paul Krugman Ponders Things He Chooses Not To Know: LegalIns
New Tone: After Budget Vote, Wis. Democrat Tells Fellow Rep. ‘You Are F***ing Dead’: Publius
MoveOn Confirms Paltry Protest Numbers And Village Voice Messes Up: LegalIns

The Obama Administration’s Vicious Attack on Reade Seligmann: Rockwell
Planned Parenthood to Spend $200k for Ads Promoting Planned & Wanted Funding: Malkin (Powers)
Media Matters Schmuck: You Know What's Funny? A Fox News Reporter Getting Assaulted: Jawa


Even The Brits Notice How Weak America Is Under Obama: RWN
Single-Payer Hell: British NHS denies cancer patients life-extending drugs to save money: BlogProf
Special Report: U.S. cables detail Saudi royal welfare program: Reuters

How Al-Jazeera Kills Americans: Big Journalism
Is Democracy Viable?: Sowell
‘Appalled’ Code Pink Leader Defends ‘Boogeyman’ Muslim Brotherhood From Attacks by Congress: GWP


Watermarks tap old trick for mobile media: CNet
This 26-Year-Old Is Making Millions Cutting Out Traditional Publishers With Amazon Kindle: Insider
Google creeps deeper with Street View trikes: CNet


Let's Hope This One's Not an English Teacher: Moonbattery
Oscar Night: Reds Rule: MOTUS
Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Jail: TSG

Image: Gateway Pundit
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RobbieC said...

That picture perfectly symbolizes the boated excess, the unapologetic sloth, the undisputed laziness, and the complete child-like behavior that is public unions (and most private unions, too).

Anonymous said...

@RobbieC- you had me at......

"The unapologetic sloth"