Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Weiner shrinks from view as Dems, staffers abandon ship

Now that the X-rated photo of Anthony's Weiner has hit the inter-tubes, the writing is on the Facebook wall.

Democrat leadership -- including the powerful head of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee -- has finally had its fill of Weiner and are calling on him to resign immediately.

Furthermore, Weiner's staff (heh) has reportedly begun expedited job-hunting.

To top things off, the Congressman's wife Huma is reportedly pregnant.

And if you happen to be feeling a bit sympathetic for the Weiner's plight, don't. He was a sleazebag from the very beginning of his political career.

Hat tips: Ame, Memeorandum and CityRoom.


cathymv said...

even in the naked pic... weiner leans left...

Anonymous said...

It's no big thing. Don't think I'd be showing it off if mine was that small. Classic overcompensation.

1389 said...

BTW, there is another aspect to the Weinergate story as well, having to do with his purportedly pregnant wife, Huma.