Saturday, March 09, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Our Petty, Country-Be-Damned President

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Our Petty, Country-Be-Damned President: Blumer
Dianne Feinstein - Dumber Than Soup: Moe Lane
Feinstein: “It’s Legal To Hunt Humans” With High-Capacity Magazines: WZ

Dear Republican Party: Stockton
These GOP Senators Went to Dinner with Obama Instead of Supporting Rand: RWN
Filibusted: Obama, Graham, McCain Dinner Leads to $600B Tax Hike Idea: IJR

25 Deep: Owens
Health Care Law Now Faces Biggest Challenge: American Consumers: RWN
The Unstoppable Progressive Juggernaut of Future Senator Puffy Face: RSM


White House: No Budget for Weeks: Dossier
Obama's LOL sequester cuts: WH tours, 60,000 border security agents: IBD
Not One Penny to Spare: Cold Fury

Record 89,304,000 'Not in Labor Force', 300,000 Dropped Out Since Jan.: CNS
Insurance Premiums Skyrocket: SCC
'Do you know a Scab lives in your neighborhood?': Blaze

Scandal Central

Report: NASA prompted hiring of dozens linked to Chinese espionage: Exam
Did Obama DOJ Nix U.S. Weapons Tech Espionage Probe?: JW
Why Is the Air Force Suddenly Removing Drone Strike Data?: Blaze

Climate & Energy

“Climate change” cools off: RS
Congressmen demand investigation of EPA selectively blocking FOIAs: Exam


Juan Williams: I’m Sorry My Underpaid Assistant Plagiarized That Column With My Byline I Didn’t Write: RSM
Put a Shovel To CPAC: iOTW
Juan Williams: I’m not a plagiarist, but the guy who writes my columns might be: Malkin

Mark Levin: Government Is “Simulating the Collapse of Our Financial System...”: SHTFplan
Hollywood’s Hypocritical Stance On Women And Guns: Glob
Concealed carry permit holder saves Police Officer: Lott

“America’s gun liberal-fascist culture needs to change”: Cold Fury
78% Of MSNBC Viewers Responding To Poll Approve Of “Targeted Killing of American Citizens”: WZ
Elisabeth Hasselbeck fired From ‘The View’ because she is a conservative: FAM


Obama Says Defense He Fought Can Stop North Korea: IBD
Death of a Despot, Mourned by American Marxists: NoisyRm
What Is The U.S. Doing At Chavez's Funeral?: IBD

50 Years of Syrian Misery: Pipes
Bastogne sniper still the master of all he surveys: Owens
Large Explosion Hits Kabul as Hagel Visits: WSJ

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Windows 8 Adoption at Standstill; Microsoft Slashes OEM Bundle Price to $30 from $120: Mish
The Ubuntu guide for displaced Windows users: PC World
Copyright Trolls Order WordPress To Hand Over Critics’ IP Addresses: TorrentFreak


Axis of Evil Opens Off-Broadway: MOTUS
Doomsday Preppers – A Fortress at Sea: RightPundits
Jeremiah Wright’s “Down Low Club”: HillBuzz

Image: Large Explosion Hits Kabul as Hagel Visits
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QOTD: "For decades, Democrats have straddled a divide: they sought to represent both the producers of government services and the low and middle income citizens who depend on those services. Democrats want the votes and the contributions of teacher unions, and they want the votes of the parents whose kids attend public schools. As long as the blue model worked, the contradictions could be managed.

Increasingly, however, the contradictions have come to the fore. Teacher unions want life employment for incompetent teachers; their representatives negotiate farcically unsound pension arrangements with complaisant politicians and want taxpayers to pony up when the huge bills come due. Other producers of government services also have their sweetheart deals.

The result is that the consumers of government services, many of whom of course are Democrats, are getting a raw deal. They are paying too much money in taxes to support a system of government that, however outstanding and dedicated some people in it may be, simply cannot deliver acceptable services at a reasonable cost. The Democratic claim to represent both sides fairly is getting harder to sustain." --Walter Russell Mead


moshe said...

nice !

Bones said...

I don't get the emphasis on drones. What about all the all of the others ways to kill a citizen?