Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Obama-funded electric car goes up in flames, endangers entire neighborhood with massive blaze

Fisker Automotive, which absconded with $530 million of your money to build $100,000 electric cars in Finland, has encountered a series of all-too-predictable disasters.

First came word that under certain random circumstances, such as letting the battery run down, the entire vehicle could become "bricked" -- or permanently ruined.

Next came the mysterious fires. After this particular blaze in May (above), the local fire department determined the origin was the owner's two week-old Fisker Karma electric vehicle.

Yesterday, another Fisker spontaneously combusted. The owner parked in a Woodside, CA parking lot, entered a grocery store to shop, and returned shortly thereafter to a burning vehicle.

Like the prior incident, the car was new, had never been damaged in a collision, was not plugged in and was not running.

It is worth noting that the car was parked in a heavily wooded area also suffering from a drought; the Fisker could therefore have touched off a significant wildfire. I wonder what the carbon footprint of a wildfire is?

The good news for Fisker? The problem could be in the battery, which is not made by Fisker, but is manufactured by a different company called A123 systems.

The bad news for taxpayers? A123 systems received a quarter of a billion dollars in Obama green grant money.

How many billions of dollars has this administration flushed down the toilet in pursuit of the enviro-Statist agenda? Hopefully the investigations will begin in January.

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Johan Galt said...

Didn't a Chinese company buy out A123 Systems?

Trialdog said...

This just proves we need more stimulus because we need more firefighters.

Bubba said...

Hopefully the investigations will begin in January of next year.
Hopefully the investigations will
begin in January
Hopefully the investigations will begin

Hope is not dead, just heavily abused, it's reputation soiled.

FUBO said...

"This just proves we need more stimulus because we need more firefighters."

We need a firehouse to clean out the WH.

Dayna Hamilton said...

Fisker Karma eh? Yeah, that's karma all right, not the good kind.